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Product image - Special printing: Final Draft ISO/FDIS 9001:2015
178,00 EUR

Quality management systems – Requirements – Preliminary German translation of ISO/FDIS 9001:2015-07, including English original text

The final draft of the new edition of ISO 9001 is now available in German and English

It is expected that the 2015 edition of ISO 9001 will be published by the end of this year.
DIN is the only standards body that publishes a trilingual edition (English, French, German) of every international quality management standard – and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 will of course be trilingual.

Product image - DIN EN ISO 23277 – Non-destructive testing of welds
52,40 EUR

Penetrant testing – Acceptance levels

This standard DIN EN ISO 23277 – Non-destructive testing of welds specifies acceptance levels for indications from surface breaking imperfections in metallic welds detected by penetrant testing.

DIN Handbook 456/1 to 456/3

Copper 1 to 3 [NEW]

Product image - Copper 1 to 3
284,00 EUR

Package DIN Handbooks 456/1, 456/2 and 456/3

Comprising three volumes, the English-language handbook edition Copper contains the most important standards for copper and copper alloys.


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