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    Product imageMaterial data sheets  Copper
    268.00 EUR

    Material data sheets Copper provide all relevant data for frequently used copper alloys, enabling the user to select the most suitable material for a specific purpose.

    Product imageIron and steel – Quality standards 3/1
    192.00 EUR

    Seamless and welded steel tubes for pressure applications

    The 6th edition of DIN Handbook 403/1 comprises the most important currently valid standards dealing with seamless and welded steel pipes for pressure applications.

    Standard of the month September 2015

    DIN 7795:2015-02

    Product imageDIN 7795
    60.50 EUR

    Measuring compression set of elastomers in hot water

    Elastomer seal rings are used as press fitting connections in drinking water installations.

    Standard of the Month August 2015

    DIN EN 10027-2:2015-07

    Product imageDIN EN 10027-2
    67.00 EUR

    Designation systems for steels - Part 2: Numerical system; German version EN 10027-2:2015

    DIN EN 10027 – Designation systems for steels – Part 2 specifies a numbering system for the designation of steel grades.

    DIN Handbook 456/1 to 456/3

    Copper 1 to 3

    284.00 EUR

    Package DIN Handbooks 456/1, 456/2 and 456/3

    These first English-language editions contain the most important standards for copper and copper alloys. Part 1 (DIN Handbook 456/1) focuses on ...

    Standard of the month June 2015

    DIN EN ISO 16396-1:2015-05

    Product imageDIN EN ISO 16396-1
    87.30 EUR

    Plastics - Polyamide (PA) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 1: Designation system, marking of products and basis for specifications (ISO 16396-1:2015); German version EN ISO 16396-1:2015

    Part 1 of ISO 16396 – Plastics establishes a system of designation for polyamide (PA) moulding and extrusion materials, which can be used as the basis for specifications.

    Standard of the month May 2015

    DIN EN 10293:2015-04

    Product imageDIN EN 10293
    81.00 EUR

    Steel castings - Steel castings for general engineering uses; German version EN 10293:2015

    This standard DIN EN 10293 applies to steel castings for general engineering uses. Its uses include machinery (mechanical, electrical...), automotive industries, railroad, armament, agricultural equipment, mining, etc.

    DIN HANDBOOK 450/4

    Aluminium 4

    Product imageAluminium 4
    96.00 EUR

    Standards on surface treatment of aluminium – Coating and anodizing

    This first edition of DIN Handbook 450/4 contains 26 standards (DIN, DIN EN and DIN EN ISO Standards) dealing with the surface treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

    DIN HANDBOOK 450/3

    Aluminium 3

    Product imageAluminium 3
    99.00 EUR

    Standards on aluminium alloy castings, forgings and forging stock

    This first edition of DIN Handbook 450/3 is a compilation of 27 standards (DIN EN Standards) dealing with the different forms of aluminium castings, forgings and wrought products, and with aluminium alloy wrought forging stock.

28 item(s) on 3 page(s) item(s) per page