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Most popular VDI Standards

Below, we have listed the most popular German VDI standards at the Beuth web shop. Beuth provides digital access to the entire VDI standards collection. Use our search to find the standards you need.


  • Product imageVDI 2230 Blatt 2

    Systematic calculation of highly stressed bolted joints - Multi bolted joints

  • Product imageVDI 2230 Blatt 1

    Systematic calculation of highly stressed bolted joints - Joints with one cylindrical bolt

  • Product imageVDI 3423
    Technical rule

    VDI 3423:2011-08

    Technical availability of machines and production lines - Terms, definitions, determination of time periods and calculation

  • Product imageVDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 Blatt 11.1

    Inspection of measuring and test equipment - Test instruction for mechanical dial gauges

  • Product imageVDI 2047 Blatt 2

    Open recooler systems - Securing hygienically sound operation of evaporative cooling systems (VDI Cooling Tower Code of Practice)

  • Product imageVDI 3492
    Technical rule

    VDI 3492:2013-06

    Indoor air measurement - Ambient air measurement - Measurement of inorganic fibrous particles - Scanning electron microscopy method