Beuth Praxis

Welding planner

Preparation of welding procedure specifications, management of welding procedure testing and welder performance qualifications

Language: German, English

by Helmut Riff

Publisher: DIN, DVS

Publication date 2012-06
3. Edition, CD-ROM

The software was specially designed as a welding planning tool based on DIN Standards and as an instrument for welder qualification management. Also integrated are parent material, filler metal and shielding gas databases to which users can add their own data. The software supports the simple development and management of welding procedure specifications according to DIN EN ISO 15609 Part 1 and DIN EN ISO 15614. The computer programme is easy to use, and because it incorporates the full texts of the two standards as pdf files in German and English it is an efficient aid that will prove invaluable in everyday working practice.

On subscription only.

ISBN 978-3-410-22755-7   |   Order-No. 22755


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