Title (german): Graphische Symbole für das Feuerwehrwesen - Teil 6: Bauliche Einrichtungen; Änderung A2

Product image - DIN 14034-6/A2:2012-03
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Title (english): Graphical symbols for fire-brigade - Part 6: Equipments in buildings; Amendment A2

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2012-03


Graphical symbols which are used in the field of fire fighting, for example, in fire-brigade plans or fire department action plans for illustration of facilities present on properties, in buildings or structures are specified in DIN 14034-6. They also serve to indicate certain characteristics of parts of buildings. In the first amendment DIN 14034-6/A1 of the standard in April, the designations of the symbolic meanings for stair enclosures were already specified, the symbol for fire fighting stairs was incorporated and the symbol for stationary fire-extinguishing installations with a stationary monitor was designed more clearly. This second modification DIN 14034-6/A2 of the standard is made to incorporate the symbols for openable fabric curtains and fire brigade access locks. During the opposition proceedings regarding the draft standard A2 of DIN 14034-6 (as E DIN 14034-6:2005-11/A2:2011-02), oppositions necessitated the further supplement of the standard, thus FNFW Working Committee NA 031-04-01 AA "Begriffe und Bildzeichen" ("Terms and pictograms") has decided to publish a third draft amendment. The third amendment DIN 14034-6/A3 is published in order to incorporate a new symbol for the main water tap. The first amendment DIN 14034-6/A1, which has already been completed, has been published separately in April. A consolidated new version of DIN 14034-6 - into which both amendments will be incorporated - will be published once the work has been completed on the third amendment DIN 14034-6/A3. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 031-04-01 AA "Begriffe und Bildzeichen" ("Terms and pictograms") at DIN.

Language: German


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