DIN 14092-3:2012-04

Title (german): Feuerwehrhäuser - Teil 3: Feuerwehrturm

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Language: German

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Title (english): Fire stations - Part 3: Tower for fire stations

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2012-04


This standard applies for towers for fire stations and specifies their minimum dimensions and firefighting requirements. Towers for fire stations serve the fire brigades - for training and advanced training, - for the drying of hoses, oil barriers and/or other parts of equipment, - for training of special units (for example, special rescue from heights or depths), - for other special training facilities (for example, hook ladder training, proficiency badge, climbing wall), - if appropriate, as antenna support. The standard series DIN 14092 "Fire stations" consists of Part 1: Elements for design, Part 3: Tower for fire stations and Part 7: Workshop. Part 1 (Elements for design) and the former Part 2 (Doors for fire stations) of DIN 14092 have been combined in the newly compiled Part 1. Furthermore, all workshops, that is the former Part 4 (Workshops for respirators), Part 5 (Care for protective clothes, cleaning, disinfection) and Part 6 (Workshops for fire fighting hoses) of DIN 14092, have been combined in a new Part 7. General requirements for the tower for fire stations are specified for the execution of training and advanced training according to the fire service regulations. The focus is on the use as exercise tower. The individual equipment shall be agreed upon. The basic configuration of the tower for fire stations should enable various exercise scenarios, for example, - putting up ladders with portable ladders and hydraulic platforms, - indoor and outdoor fire fighting, - securing of fall endangered areas and self rescue. Furthermore, there is a multitude of additional features in order to reasonably increase the functional value and value in use of the tower for fire stations. They should, depending on the local circumstances, be supplemented as additional equipment. Such additional equipment can be provided - for tactical ventilation and smoke extraction, - for the drying of hoses, oil barriers and/or other parts of equipment, for exercise of special units (for example, for special rescue from heights or depths), - for other special training facilities (for example, for hook ladder training, proficiency badges and climbing walls) as well as - as antenna support. The following significant modifications have been made with respect to DIN 14092-3:2001-10 in order to adopt the aforementioned requirements to the state of the art and sets of rules: a) the standard contents have been newly structured and the focus has been changed from the exercise wall to a more general training and advanced training; b) requirements for towers for fire stations have been partly combined in tables for better overview and completely revised; c) contents have been editorially fully revised; d) bibliography has been editorially revised; e) DIN 5035-2, DIN 14716, DIN EN 1147, GUV 6.4, GUV 7.13, GUV 26.18 have been deleted in the normative references and DIN 13024-1, DIN 13024-2, DIN 14092-1, DN EN 1147 Supplement 1, standard series DIN EN 12572, DIN EN 12464-1, standard series DIN EN 50164, standard series DIN EN 62305, standard series E DIN EN 62561, GUV I 8554, GUV R 181 have been incorporated. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 031-04-02 AA "Bauliche Anlagen und Einrichtungen" ("Installations and facilities") at DIN.

Language: German

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