DIN 31635:2011-07

Title (german): Information und Dokumentation - Umschrift des arabischen Alphabets für die Sprachen Arabisch, Osmanisch-Türkisch, Persisch, Kurdisch, Urdu und Paschtu

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Language: German

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Title (english): Information and Documentation - Romanization of the Arabic Alphabet for Arabic, Ottoman-Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, Urdu and Pushto

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-07


The standard for the new edition of DIN 31635 specifies the transliteration of the letters of the Arabic alphabet into Latin letters. The previous standard has been slightly revised for Arabic and Persian, but has been fundamentally revised for Ottoman-Turkish, Kurdish and Pashtu. Regarding Urdu, the standard has only been changed in terms of the transliteration table. The standard is largely based on the recommendations accepted on the International Orientalist Congress 1936 with regard to Arabic and Persian. The transliteration tables used for these languages are nearly identical to the transliteration table given in ISO 233. The standard differs from it in individual additional provisions, however. It has the character of a basic standard and is suitable for any use. For the new edition of the standard, the specifications regarding transliteration have been separated for the individual languages contained in the standard and are now dealt with significantly more clearly in individual clauses. Information about practical transliteration work has been assigned to the respective clauses and has been partly significantly expanded. The Unicode values of Arabic characters have been newly integrated. The standard has been prepared by the Information and Documentation Standards Committee, Working Committee NABD 1 "Transliteration und Transkription" ("Transliteration and transcription").

Language: German

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