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DIN 5406:2011-04

Title (German) Wälzlager - Muttersicherungen; Sicherungsblech, Sicherungsbügel

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Language: German
translation: English

Title (English) Rolling bearings - Lockwashers; Safety plate, Lockclip

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-04


This standard has been prepared by the Rolling Bearings and Plain Bearings Standards Committee, Working Committee NA 118-01-02 AA "Kugellager und Spannlager einschließlich Teile, allgemeines Wälzlagerzubehör und Gehäuse" ("Ball bearings and inside bearings, including parts, general rolling bearings accessories and housings"). This standard specifies dimensions and designations for locking devices intended to be used with locknuts. Locking devices in accordance with this standard are lockwashers and locking clips for use with locknuts conforming to DIN 981. The following amendments have been made with respect to DIN 5406:1993-02: a) standard has been editorially revised; b) information on masses has been deleted from Tables 1 and 2; c) types have been added by analogy with ISO 2982-2; d) symbols have been largely brought into line with ISO 2982-2; e) further information on design has been added; f) normative references have been updated. The following corrections have been made with respect to DIN 5406:2009-05: a) correction of the shaft groove width b3 and the associated width of inner tab b2 for bore diameters b1 from 160 mm to 280 mm.

Original language German

Document: References

Corrected edition Has been corrected: Customers who have purchased the previous edition of this document DIN 5406:2009-05 will receive the correction free of charge


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