DIN EN 1384:2012-05

Title (german): Schutzhelme für reiterliche Aktivitäten; Deutsche Fassung EN 1384:2012

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Title (english): Helmets for equestrian activities; German version EN 1384:2012

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2012-05


The document specifies requirements for protective helmets that can have a peak, for people involved in equestrian activities. It gives safety requirements that include methods of test and levels of performance for shock absorption, for resistance to penetration and for the strength and effectiveness of the retention system and the deflection of a peak if fitted. This standard is a product standard and test standard. The standard deals in particular with aspects of (product) safety. It refers to the superordinate standard DIN EN 960:2006-09. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 112-04-02 AA "Sportschutzhelme" ("Sports protective helmets") at DIN.

Language: German

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