DIN EN 50364:2010-11; VDE 0848-364:2010-11

Title (german): Begrenzung der Exposition von Personen gegenüber elektromagnetischen Feldern von Geräten, die im Frequenzbereich von 0 Hz bis 300 GHz betrieben und in der elektronischen Artikelüberwachung (en: EAS), Hochfrequenz-Identifizierung (en: RFID) und ähnlichen Anwendungen verwendet werden; Deutsche Fassung EN 50364:2010

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Language: German

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Title (english): Limitation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields from devices operating in the frequency range 0 Hz to 300 GHz, used in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and similar applications; German version EN 50364:2010

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2010-11


This standard contains the German version of the European Standard EN 50364:2010 with requirements (limits) for the safety of persons in electromagnetic fields from devices operating in the frequency range 0 Hz to 300 GHz and used in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and similar applications. The relevant requirements are taken over from the Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC by reference. The safety of the general public in electromagnetic fields is covered by this standard, whereby the exposure of workers is also addressed. It should be considered that the supplier of certain individual devices is likely not familiar with all exposure conditions of the environment in which the device is used. This standard can only evaluate the exposure of persons through the specifically inspected device if it is used in accordance with the manufacturer's directives. Other standards can apply for products which are covered by this standard. In particular, this standard has not been developed to determine the electromagnetic compatibility with other devices and installations and it does not consider any other product specific security requirements as the ones which are specifically related to the security of persons in electromagnetic fields. The measurement and calculation methods, which shall be applied, are described in EN 62369-1. Its German version has been published as DIN EN 62369-1 (VDE 0848-369-1):2010-03. With respect to the existing edition DIN EN 50364 (VDE 0848-364):2002-05, the Scope has been expanded to include devices and installations with an operating frequency of up to 300 GHz, the quoted EMF basic standard has been converted to EN 60369-1:2009 and clause 7 "Evaluation report" has been added to the standard. The responsible Committee is K 764 "Sicherheit in elektromagnetischen Feldern" ("Safety in electromagnetic fields") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

Language: German

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