DIN EN 60664-3:2010-10; VDE 0110-3:2010-10

Title (german): Isolationskoordination für elektrische Betriebsmittel in Niederspannungsanlagen - Teil 3: Anwendung von Beschichtungen, Eingießen oder Vergießen zum Schutz gegen Verschmutzung (IEC 60664-3:2003 + A1:2010); Deutsche Fassung EN 60664-3:2003 + A1:2010

Product image - DIN EN 60664-3:2010-10; VDE 0110-3:2010-10
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Title (english): Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems - Part 3: Use of coating, potting or moulding for protection against pollution (IEC 60664-3:2003 + A1:2010); German version EN 60664-3:2003 + A1:2010

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2010-10


Part 3 of DIN EN 60664 applies to configurations which use coating, potting or moulding for protection against pollution. This allows a reduction of clearances and creepage distances which are determined with the methods described in Part 1 or Part 5. This standard describes the requirements and tests for two types of protection: - protection Type 1 improves the microenvironmental conditions of the parts protected by this type; - protection Type 2 is regarded as being similar to solid insulation. The standard also applies to all types of coated printed circuit boards, including the surface of the interior layers of multilayer printed circuit boards, substrates or similarly protected configurations. In the case of multilayer printed circuit boards, the distances between the inner layers are determined by the requirements for solid insulation contained in Part 1. This standard only deals with lasting protection configurations, however it does not deal with configurations intended for service or repair. The methods in this standard apply to functional insulation, basic insulation, supplementary and uprated insulation. The responsible Committee is K 123 "Isolationskoordination für Niederspannungs-Betriebsmittel" ("Insulation coordination for low-voltage equipment") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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