DIN EN ISO 6272-2:2011-11

Title (german): Beschichtungsstoffe - Prüfung der Widerstandsfähigkeit bei schlagartiger Verformung (Schlagfestigkeit) - Teil 2: Prüfung durch fallendes Gewichtsstück, kleine Prüffläche (ISO 6272-2:2011); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 6272-2:2011

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Language: German
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Title (english): Paints and varnishes - Rapid-deformation (impact resistance) tests - Part 2: Falling-weight test, small-area indenter (ISO 6272-2:2011); German version EN ISO 6272-2:2011

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-11


This standard specifies a method for evaluating the resistance of a dry film of paint, varnish or related product to cracking or peeling from a substrate when it is subjected, under standard conditions, to a deformation caused by a falling weight. Because of the poor reproducibility of this test method, the method should be restricted to testing in only one laboratory when the results are expressed as numerical values. Interlaboratory agreement is improved when ranking is used in place of numerical values. The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 002-00-07 AA "Allgemeine Prüfverfahren für Beschichtungsstoffe und Beschichtungen" ("General test methods for coating materials and coatings") at DIN.

Language: German

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