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Title (English) Optical Fiber Cable Color Coding

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Language: English

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2005-01-13

Abstract This standard defines the recommended identification scheme or system for individual fibers, fiber units, and groups of fiber units within a cable structure. The methods contained herein may be used to identify and locate specific fibers for the purpose of connection, termination, or testing within a communication system or for the topography of long haul, feeder route, subscriber, or distribution applications for both on-premises and outside plant use. This standard also defines the optical fiber type identification scheme for color coding or marking jackets for premises cables used primarily indoors. Cables with colored jackets are typically used only in intrabuilding applications and must be listed to a level of fire resistance specific to their use. The jacket materials used can be colored for identification purposes. Conversely, most cables deployed outdoors must incorporate additives in the jacket material to be able to withstand the damaging effects of solar radiation over their designed operating lifetime. Such products typically contain carbon black material to provide the requisite level of protection, which precludes the use of any jacket color other than black. Although color-compatible materials designed to resist solar radiation are available for outdoor use, and other means for color-coding black jackets are possible (i.e., colored striping), the use of such materials and methods are beyond the scope of this standard.

Original language English