April 2018 - Update

Important information for Perinorm DVD subscribers:

This version will be discontinued from 31 December 2018. Switch over to Perinorm Online today - at no extra cost.
As of 31 December 2018, we will no longer be supplying the Perinorm DVD, but you will have access to the online version of Perinorm from 2019. Get all the advantages of the online version with no additional charges. We will help you make the switch right away. The sooner you switch over to Perinorm Online, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits!

Enjoy the advantages of Perinorm Online

  • You will save time by no longer having to install the DVD on a monthly basis.
  • Metadata is updated online - automatically.
  • The most current monthly data is available for you much sooner than previously.
  • You will even receive information on DIN Standards on a weekly basis.
  • An e-mail alert will notify you of any changes to your standards collection.

It is important to note that your user data (bookmarks, notes, profile, document collections) can be easily transferred over to a Perinorm Online account.

Why not make the change to Perinorm Online today?

Why wait until the end of the year to switch over? Get a head start and become familiar with the online version of Perinorm now. We will make it easy and hassle-free.

Would you prefer to test Perinorm Online first?

No problem. We can give you access to Perinorm Online right away, while you still continue to receive the DVD as usual.

Please fill out the enclosed form and get in touch with us via mail. We will give you a call and help you make the switch.


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