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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2015-09

VDI 3464:2015-09
Storage of wood pellets at the point of end use - Requirements for pellet stores, pellet production and delivery from health and safety aspects

This standard defines requirements for the construction and the configuration of pellet stocks with a capacity of up to approximately 100 tons as well as requirements for the delivery of the ...

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Administrative provision 1986-10-28

DIN4141T1,2,14EErl BW:1986-10-28
Verwaltungsvorschrift über technische Baubestimmungen; DIN 4141; Lager im Bauwesen; Teil 1 Allgemeine Regelungen (Ausgabe 1984-09), Teil 2 Lagerung für Ingenieurbauwerke im Zuge von Verkehrswegen (Brücken), (Ausgabe 1984-09), Teil 14 Bewehrte Elastomerlager, Bauliche Durchbildung (Ausgabe 1985-09)

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Standard [CURRENT] 2021-08

DIN 25471:2021-08
Criticality safety taking into account the burnup of fuel elements when handling and storing nuclear fuel elements in fuel pools of nuclear power plants with lightwater reactors

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Standard [CURRENT] 1998-04

DIN EN 1337-11:1998-04
Structural bearings - Part 11: Transport, storage and installation; German version EN 1337-11:1997
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Standard [CURRENT] 2005-08

DIN EN 14873-1:2005-08
Furniture removal activities - Storage of furniture and personal effects for private individuals - Part 1: Specification for the storage facility and related storage provision; German version EN 14873-1:2005

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Draft technical rule 2016-08

VDI 3975 Blatt 3:2016-08 - Draft
Storages of hazardous substances - Operation of warehouses

This standard describes the phases of construction and operation following the the planning and approval of a warehouse for hazardous substance. Accordingly the term "operate" is taken very ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2002-07

VDI 4480 Blatt 4:2002-07
Throughput of automatic warehouses with multiple-depth storage

The series of guidelines VDI 4480 Part 1 ff. describes a method for the calculation of the throughput of automatic warehouses. Part 4 applies to warehouse types with rack systems in which ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 1990-04

ISO 7562:1990-04
Potatoes; guidelines for storage in artificially ventilated stores

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Standard [CURRENT] 1998-01-01

OENORM EN 1337-11:1998-01-01
Structural bearings - Part 11: Transport, storage and installation

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Standard [CURRENT] 2005-09-01

OENORM EN 14873-1:2005-09-01
Furniture removal activities - Storage of furniture and personal effects for private individuals - Part 1: Specification for the storage facility and related storage provision

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