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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2013

FLL Baumuntersuchungsrichtlinien:2013
Baumuntersuchungsrichtlinien - Richtlinien für eingehende Untersuchungen zur Überprüfung der Verkehrssicherheit von Bäumen

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32.71 EUR VAT excluded

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2020

FLL Baumkontrollrichtlinie:2020
Baumkontrollrichtlinien - Richtlinien für Baumkontrollen zur Überprüfung der Verkehrssicherheit

35.00 EUR VAT included

32.71 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1978

Nature protection. Flora. Protection and rational utilization of forests of suburban green belts. General requirements

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Standard [CURRENT] 2018-12

DIN 276:2018-12
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Administrative provision 1975-02-20

CPlBauleitPlanRdErl NW:1975-02-20
Development planning and approval of projects; permanent camping and tent sites; hints for the planning and permissibility regarding Planning Law

23.40 EUR VAT included

21.87 EUR VAT excluded

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2008-12

VDI 3785 Blatt 1:2008-12
Environmental meteorology - Methods and presentation of investigations relevant for planning urban climate

The scope of this guideline covers the areas of urban planning and architecture, housing- and urban land use planning as well as urban neighbourhood- and urban development planning. This ...

from 92.90 EUR VAT included

from 86.82 EUR VAT excluded

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2020-09

VDI 3787 Blatt 8:2020-09
Environmental meteorology - Urban development in view of climate change

As a consequence of the global effect of climate change, the urban climate is also changing. Urban development projects must take this into account. Urban development and urban planning require ...

from 172.70 EUR VAT included

from 161.40 EUR VAT excluded

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2004-12

VDI 3787 Blatt 9:2004-12
Environmental meteorology - Provision for climate and air quality in regional planning

This guideline gives an overview of the extent to which climate and air quality should be talen intzo account in land-use planning

from 139.60 EUR VAT included

from 130.47 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Innovation 2020-07

Gemeinsam Zukunft Planen
Mensch und Technik in der Smart City

from 52.00 EUR VAT included

from 48.60 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Bauwerk 2016-04

Erläuterung wichtiger Begriffe des Bauwesens - Mit vielen Abbildungen

from 42.00 EUR VAT included

from 39.25 EUR VAT excluded


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