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Standard [CURRENT] 2010-10

DIN 65046-5:2010-10
Aerospace - Methods of test for surface protective coatings; Paints and varnishes - Part 5: Coating resistance tests

This standard has been prepared by NA 002-00-14 AA "Beschichtungsstoffe und Beschichtungen für Luft- und Raumfahrt" ("Coatings and coating materials for aerospace") of the Coatings and Coating ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2002-12

DIN 19569-3:2002-12
Wastewater treatment plants - Principles for the design of structures and technical equipment - Part 3: Specific principles for the equipment for aerobical biological wastewater treatment

from 83.20 EUR VAT included

from 77.76 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2003-04

DIN EN 12255-13:2003-04
Wastewater treatment plants - Part 13: Chemical treatment; Treatment of wastewater by precipitation/flocculation; German version EN 12255-13:2002

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Standard [CURRENT] 2015-11

DIN EN ISO 11074:2015-11
Soil quality - Vocabulary (ISO 11074:2015); Trilingual version EN ISO 11074:2015

Working Committee NA 119-01-02-07 UA "Begriffe" ("Terminology") at DIN is responsible for this standard. The standard ISO 11074:2006 has been revised by ISO/TC 190/SC 1 to combine all terms and ...

This document has been modified by

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2016-05

VDI 2441:2016-05
Process gas and waste gas cleaning by cold plasma - Barrier discharge, corona discharge, UV radiation

In non-thermal plasma the coupled energy is mainly transferred to the electrons, while the gas temperature is similar to the level of the ambient temperature. The energy of the electrons is used ...

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Publication Bauwerk 2016-04

Erläuterung wichtiger Begriffe des Bauwesens - Mit vielen Abbildungen

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from 39.25 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Wissen 2011-06

Wörterbuch Umweltuntersuchung
Begriffe, Definitionen und Erläuterungen aus den Bereichen Abfall, Boden, Wasser

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from 63.55 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Praxis 2018-04

Kleinkläranlagen heute
Ein Kompendium zu den klärtechnischen Verfahren und Anlagen der Abwasserbehandlung

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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 211/2 2016-01

Untersuchung von Abfall, Boden und Wasser

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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 13/3 2009-10

Abwassertechnik 3

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