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Standard [CURRENT] 2019-06

DIN EN 1047-2:2019-06
Secure storage units - Classification and methods of test for resistance to fire - Part 2: Data rooms and data container; German version EN 1047-2:2019

from 101.80 EUR VAT included

from 95.14 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2019-12

DIN EN 1047-1:2019-12
Secure storage units - Classification and methods of test for resistance to fire - Part 1: Data cabinets and data inserts; German version EN 1047-1:2019

from 83.20 EUR VAT included

from 77.76 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2002-12

DIN EN 60068-3-7:2002-12
Environmental testing - Part 3-7: Supporting documentation and guidance; Measurements in temperature chambers for tests A and B (with load) (IEC 60068-3-7:2001); German version EN 60068-3-7:2002

from 57.70 EUR VAT included

from 53.93 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2021-05

DIN 25425-1:2021-05
Radioisotope laboratories - Part 1: Rules for design

from 83.20 EUR VAT included

from 77.76 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2014-03

DIN EN ISO 16474-1:2014-03
Paints and varnishes - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 1: General guidance (ISO 16474-1:2013); German version EN ISO 16474-1:2013

Coatings from paints, varnishes and similar coating materials are often used outdoors or in indoor locations where they are exposed to direct solar radiation or to solar radiation filtered by ...

from 96.40 EUR VAT included

from 90.09 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2020-10

DIN EN 17359:2020-10
Stationary source emissions - Bioaerosols and biological agents - Sampling of bioaerosols and collection in liquids - Impingement method; German version EN 17359:2020

This Standard contains specifications for active sampling of bioaerosols from exhaust air flowing through a defined cross-section of a stack. It defines general principles that have to be taken ...

from 122.40 EUR VAT included

from 114.39 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2016-12

DIN EN 13129:2016-12
Railway applications - Air conditioning for main line rolling stock - Comfort parameters and type tests; German version EN 13129:2016

from 158.80 EUR VAT included

from 148.41 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2020-02

DIN EN IEC 61300-2-46:2020-02
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Basic test and measurement procedures - Part 2-46: Tests - Damp heat, cyclic (IEC 61300-2-46:2019); German version EN IEC 61300-2-46:2019

from 89.80 EUR VAT included

from 83.93 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2008-10

DIN EN 13141-9:2008-10
Ventilation for buildings - Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation - Part 9: Externally mounted humidity controlled air transfer device; German version EN 13141-9:2008

from 77.30 EUR VAT included

from 72.24 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2021-09

DIN 13063:2021-09
Hospital cleaning - Requirements for cleaning and disinfection cleaning in hospitals and other health care facilities

from 179.00 EUR VAT included

from 167.29 EUR VAT excluded


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