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Standard [CURRENT] 2008-12

DIN EN 14394:2008-12
Heating boilers - Heating boilers with forced draught burners - Nominal heat output not exceeding 10 MW and maximum operating temperature of 110 °C; German version EN 14394:2005+A1:2008

from 209.70 EUR VAT included

from 195.98 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2007-06

DIN EN 13836:2007-06
Gas-fired central heating boilers - Type B boilers of nominal heat input exceeding 300 kW, but not exceeding 1000 kW; German version EN 13836:2006

from 179.00 EUR VAT included

from 167.29 EUR VAT excluded

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2012-09

VDI 2067 Blatt 1:2012-09
Economic efficiency of building installations - Fundamentals and economic calculation

The series of guidelines VDI 2067 deals with the calculation of the economic efficiency of building installations. It applies for all building types. Because the calculation of the power ...

from 102.10 EUR VAT included

from 95.42 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Bauwerk 2016-04

Erläuterung wichtiger Begriffe des Bauwesens - Mit vielen Abbildungen

from 42.00 EUR VAT included

from 39.25 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Forum 2017-03

Energielieferant Altbau
Potenziale, Nachhaltigkeit, Objektbeispiele

from 58.00 EUR VAT included

from 54.21 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Wissen 2018-04

Architecture and Construction Dictionary
German - English / English - German

This bilingual dictionary contains over 25,000 terms in each language - German and English - many of
which have been taken from the Eurocodes and German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB).

from 78.00 EUR VAT included

from 72.90 EUR VAT excluded


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