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Draft standard 2021-06

DIN 30762:2021-06 - Draft
Prefabricated sanitation systems without connection to water supply and sewage system - Requirements and product features

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Standard [CURRENT] 2013-04

DIN 1450:2013-04
Lettering - Legibility

This standard describes how lettering can be depicted legibly. During revision of DIN 1450:1993 the demographic development and special needs of persons with visual impairments were particularly ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2009-08

DIN EN ISO 15927-3:2009-08
Hygrothermal performance of buildings - Calculation and presentation of climatic data - Part 3: Calculation of a driving rain index for vertical surfaces from hourly wind and rain data (ISO 15927-3:2009); German version EN ISO 15927-3:2009
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Standard [CURRENT] 2004-02

DIN EN ISO 15927-1:2004-02
Hygrothermal performance of buildings - Calculation and presentation of climatic data - Part 1: Monthly and annual means of single meteorological elements (ISO 15927-1:2003); German version EN ISO 15927-1:2003

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2015-08

DIN SPEC 32534-3:2015-08
Numerical welding simulation - Execution and documentation - Part 3: Simulation of distortion when MAG welding a 6 mm thick piece of S355J2+N structural steel

The present standard DIN SPEC 32534-3 is an example for documentation of a simulation of distortion and residual stresses of a MAG (metal active gas) welding process on a workpiece with the ...

Procedure: Pre-Standard

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2020-12

DIN SPEC 91421:2020-12
Quality assurance of recycling products from dry toilets for use in horticulture
Procedure: PAS

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2015-02

VDI 6226 Blatt 1:2015-02
Biomimetics - Architecture, civil engineering, industrial design - Basic principles

The standard describes biomimetic methods that can be used in the development and design of architectural structures, in civil engineering projects, and in products. The common factor in these ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2021-05

VDI 3475 Blatt 7:2021-05
Emission control - Odour emission factors for biological waste treatment

When approving waste treatment plants, their expected odour emissions must be considered from an environmental-hygienic point of view. Dispersion calculations can then be used to forecast ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2016-03

VDI 4432:2016-03
Management of waste from industry and business

In former times the removal of waste was a frequently chosen option in many cases. Nowadays the legislative has fundamentally changed. Recycling becomes more and more important, considering e.g.

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Publication Beuth Praxis 2012-07

Brandschutz im Bestand

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