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Standard [CURRENT] 2020-05-04

PD CEN/TR 17465:2020-05-04
Space. Use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Field tests definition for basic performance

from 431.70 EUR VAT included

from 403.46 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Pocket 2008-08

Betreutes Wohnen für ältere Menschen
Dienstleistungsanforderungen nach DIN 77800

from 9.80 EUR VAT included

from 9.16 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Recht 2016-08

Rechtsfragen der Technischen Ausrüstung
Leistungsinhalte, Honorierung nach HOAI, Verträge

from 42.00 EUR VAT included

from 39.25 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1999-01

DIN EN 153000:1999-01
Generic specification: Discrete pressure contact power semiconductor devices (Qualification approval); German version EN 153000:1998

from 89.80 EUR VAT included

from 83.93 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2006-09

DIN 77800:2006-09
Quality requirements for providers of "Assisted living for the elderly"
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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-05-01

OENORM CEN/TS 16118:2012-05-01
Sheltered housing - Requirements for services for older people provided in a sheltered housing scheme

from 87.49 EUR VAT included

from 81.77 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1995-01

DIN ISO 9245:1995-01
Earth-moving machinery - Machine productivity - Vocabulary, symbols and units; identical with ISO 9245:1991

from 22.20 EUR VAT included

from 20.75 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1979-12

DIN 4342:1979-12
Gas turbines; standard reference conditions, standard power and performance data

from 22.20 EUR VAT included

from 20.75 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1975-06

DIN 41756-3:1975-06
Static power convertors; duty of power convertors, types of a.c. load

from 22.20 EUR VAT included

from 20.75 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 1971-11

DIN 40148-3:1971-11
Transmission systems and two-ports; measures for attenuation

from 31.40 EUR VAT included

from 29.35 EUR VAT excluded


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