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Standard [CURRENT] 2016-01

DIN EN 16325:2016-01
Guarantees of Origin related to energy - Guarantees of Origin for Electricity; German version EN 16325:2013+A1:2015
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Standard [CURRENT] 2017-10

DIN EN 16967:2017-10
Animal feeding stuffs - Methods of sampling and analysis - Predictive equations for metabolizable energy in feed materials and compound feed (pet food) for cats and dogs including dietetic food; German version EN 16967:2017

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Standard [CURRENT] 2020-09

DIN EN IEC 62680-1-3:2020-09
Universal serial bus interfaces for data and power - Part 1-3: Common components - USB Type-CTM Cable and Connector Specification (IEC 62680-1-3:2018); German version EN IEC 62680-1-3:2018

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Standard [CURRENT] 2019-12

DIN EN IEC 62680-1-4:2019-12
Universal Serial Bus interfaces for data and power - Part 1-4: Common Components - USB Type-CTM Authentication Specification (IEC 62680-1-4:2018); German version EN IEC 62680-1-4:2018

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Standard [CURRENT] 2020-02

DIN EN ISO 11665-2:2020-02; VDE 0493-1-6652:2020-02
Measurement of radioactivity in the environment - Air: radon-222 - Part 2: Integrated measurement method for determining average potential alpha energy concentration of its short-lived decay products (ISO 11665-2:2019); German version EN ISO 11665-2:2019

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Standard [CURRENT] 2020-08

DIN EN ISO 11665-3:2020-08; VDE 0493-1-6653:2020-08
Measurement of radioactivity in the environment - Air: radon-222 - Part 3: Spot measurement method of the potential alpha energy concentration of its short-lived decay products (ISO 11665-3:2020); German version EN ISO 11665-3:2020

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2011-03

DIN SPEC 91214:2011-03
Identification scheme and name service in the Internet of Energy (Energy Name Service)
Procedure: PAS

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2017-11

VDI 3459 Blatt 1:2017-11
Terminology of waste treatment and energy management - Fundamentals

The standard defines the terms generally, to be able to put the generally accepted definition in a specific context, and, in particular, to contrast these terms against each other. The ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2018-06

VDI 3459 Blatt 4:2018-06
Terminology of energy management and waste treatment - Biological treatment

Additionally to the standard VDI 3459 Part 1, this standard defines the terms of biological treatment of wastes, in particular, to distinguish these terms by defining them within their specific ...

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Publication Beuth Recht 2016-06

SektVO - Sektorenverordnung kompakt
Handbuch zur Vergabe öffentlicher Aufträge in den Bereichen Verkehr, Energie- und Trinkwasserversorgung

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