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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2006-05

VDI 4682:2006-05
Fuel cell heating appliances - Drafting of service contracts

Fuel cell heating appliances are combined heat and power plants (CHP) which use a fuel cell to generate electrical energy. The present guideline will restrict itself to domestic heating ...

from 75.40 EUR VAT included

from 70.47 EUR VAT excluded

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2011-04

VDI 4680:2011-04
Combined heat and power systems (CHPS) - Principles for the drafting of service contracts

The guideline gives recommendations for the contentwise design of service contracts for combined heat and power systems (CHPS) to planners, operators, manufacturers and service industries. It ...

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Publication Bauwerk 2019-11

Kalkulation von Baupreisen
Hochbau, Tiefbau, Schlüsselfertiges Bauen - Mit kompletten Berechnungsbeispielen

from 82.00 EUR VAT included

from 76.64 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Bauwerk 2015-10

Baubetrieb Praxis kompakt

from 68.00 EUR VAT included

from 63.55 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Pocket 2013-05

kurz & bündig

from 14.80 EUR VAT included

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Publication Beuth Kommentar 2016-03

Kommentar zur VOB Teil C - ATV DIN 18340, ATV DIN 18299 - Mit ATV-Kurzkommentar zu DIN 18340

from 58.00 EUR VAT included

from 54.21 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Bauwerk 2016-04

Erläuterung wichtiger Begriffe des Bauwesens - Mit vielen Abbildungen

from 42.00 EUR VAT included

from 39.25 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Recht 2016-04

Prüf- und Hinweispflichten
Bauvertrag, Werkvertrag, Werklieferungsvertrag

from 64.00 EUR VAT included

from 59.81 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Beuth Recht 2019-11

VOB/A + VOB/B 2019
Kommentare für die Bau- und Vergabepraxis - Paket

86.00 EUR VAT included

80.37 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Bauwerk 2019-12


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