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ISO Standards Collection on CD-ROM - Technical Product Specification (TPS)

ISO Standards Collection on CD-ROM

ISO launched a compilation on CD-ROM of its entire collection of Technical Product Specification (TPS)in 2009. The standards, which are essential to manufacturing on a global basis, and provide a common language for product and contract specification, and other communication along global supply chains.

The Technical Product Specification (TPS) collection on CD-ROM is the latest compilation in the series of ISO Standards Collections, published as handbooks, or on electronic media. The CD-ROM allows the 242 standards to be accessed easily and rapidly and puts this "library" of standards into a conveniently transportable format.

The TPS CD-ROM includes all the standards developed by ISO/TC 213, Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification, as well as relevant standards developed by other ISO technical committees, such as ISO/TC 10, Technical product documentation.