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Standard 2018-04

DIN 1239:2018-04
Coverings for wells, spring water chambers and other water supply construction - Principles for construction

This standard is part of the DVGW body of rules.

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Standard 2011-08

DIN 1988-100:2011-08
Codes of practice for drinking water installations - Part 100: Protection of drinking water, drinking water quality control; DVGW code of practice

This standard cancels the previous parallel solution of DIN EN 1717 "Protection against pollution of potable water installations and general requirements of devices to prevent pollution by ...

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Standard 2012-05

DIN 1988-200:2012-05
Codes of practice for drinking water installations - Part 200: Installation Type A (closed system) - Planning, components, apparatus, materials; DVGW code of practice

After a set of European standards has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 164 "Water supply" and been adopted as DIN EN standards into the German body of standards (series DIN EN 806 and ...

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Standard 2018-07

DIN 1998:2018-07
Placement of service conduits in public circulation areas - Guideline for planning

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Standard 1980-05

DIN 2425-3:1980-05
Plans for Public Utilities, Water Resources and Long-distance Lines; Plans for Long-distance Pipelines, Technical Regulation of the DVGW (German Gas and Water Engineers Association)

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Standard 1983-10

DIN 2425-5:1983-10
Plans for public supplies, water engineering and long-distance pipelines; maps and plans for water engineering

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Standard 2006-06

DIN 2460:2006-06
Steel water pipes and fittings

This document has been corrected by

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Standard 2007-04

DIN 2460 Berichtigung 1:2007-04
Steel water pipes and fittings, Corrigenda to DIN 2460:2006-06

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Standard 1954-11

DIN 3606:1954-11
Pipe hoisting caps for casing pipes according to DIN 4918

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Standard 1983-09

DIN 4046:1983-09
Water-supply; terms; DVGW code of practice

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