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Copyright Information

Copyright information

All documents, including downloaded documents, are protected by copyright and may only be used at one workstation.

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a work protected by copyright, or making such a work publicly accessible over the Internet, is illegal and a criminal offence, and leads to claims for damages.

The document is an Acrobat® PDF file that cannot be changed and is intended for use on one workstation. In downloading the document, you obtain a single workstation licence for saving this document to your computer. The electronic file covered by this licence may not be copied, transmitted or posted to any network under any circumstances without the permission of the copyright holder.

You may print out and archive only one printed copy of this PDF file. This single workstation licence and permission for printing one copy applies to every copy purchased and paid for.

The printed copy is protected without limitation by national and international copyright law and may not be photographed or reproduced in any other form. It may not be resold under any circumstances.

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