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Copyright Notice for Publications published by SAI Global Limited

By purchasing document(s) in Hardcopy format or in PDF format published by SAI Global Limited, You agree to abide and be bound by the following terms and conditions:

As a distributor licensed by the Publisher, Beuth Verlag GmbH ("Licensee") is willing to deliver the purchased Publication(s) ("Publication(s)") to the Purchaser ("You")  on  the condition that You accept the following terms of use ("Agreement"):

1. Licence Hardcopy

(a) Regarding Publication(s) in Hardcopy format the Publisher hereby grants You a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to purchase Publication(s) in Hardcopy format provided for your individual use.

2. License PDF

(a) Regarding Publication(s) in PDF format the Publisher hereby grants You a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to download Publication(s) in PDF format provided for your use on one computer (or such agreed number of computers under a Multi User PDF Product purchase).

(b) You may install one copy of each Publication on, and permit access to it by, a single computer owned, leased or otherwise controlled by You (or such agreed number of  copies on no more than the equivalent number of computers under a Multi User PDF Product purchase).

(c) In the event that that computer becomes dysfunctional, such that You are  unable to access the Publication(s), You may transfer the Publication(s) to another computer, provided that the Publication(s) is removed from the computer from which it is transferred and the use of the Publication(s) on the replacement computer otherwise complies with the terms of this Agreement.

(d) Concurrent viewing of the Publication(s) on two or more computers is  prohibited by this license (unless You have bought a Multi User PDF Product in which case You are entitled to have the concurrent viewing by the Authorised Users).

(e) If Publication(s) are stored on your personal computer on a network, the Publication(s) should be locked so as not to be accessed by other users on the network (unless You have bought a Multi User PDF Product in which case You are entitled to share the Product with those Authorised Users).

(f) You may copy the Publication(s) file only for backup purposes.

(g) You may print one single copy of each PDF file, provided it is used for personal viewing only.

(h) Publication(s) printed from PDF files may not be transferred to other users or reproduced in any way.

(i) Publication(s) printed from PDF files should not be stored as part of a collection that is accessed by individuals other than You, the purchaser.

(j) Alternative licensing, e.g. for libraries and corporations, can be arranged by contacting the Licensee.

3. Copyright
(a) Publication(s) (Hardcopy and/or PDF) obtained from this system are copyrighted.

(b) Except as specified herein, no part of the printed Publication(s), nor any part of electronic files, in part or in whole, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, including transmittal by email, by file transfer protocol (FTP), or by being made part of a network-accessible system, without the prior written permission of the  copyright owner, or without going through the legal transfer process provided by the Licensee.

(c) Neither concurrent viewing on two or more computers nor use in a local area network or other network is permitted. You shall not merge, adapt, translate, modify, rent, lease, sell, sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer any of the  Publication(s), or remove any proprietary notice or label appearing on any of the Publication(s).

If you have questions at any time regarding the use of the Publication(s) (Hardcopy and/or PDF), please contact the Licensee via email, for guidance and clarification.

Once an order is submitted for documents in electronic or Hardcopy format, there are no refunds or exchanges.