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Standards and standards management must be well integrated into business processes.

DIN Software's customised data service provides information on standards and technical rules which can be used for

  • the centralised management of new, modified and withdrawn documents,
  • the distribution of bibliographic information and documents,
  • a process- and product-oriented implementation of standards.

Have a look at our brochure for more information:

For your individual requirements

DIN Software's "DITR database" (DIN Software Information service of Technical Rules) contains bibliographical references to numerous national and international collections of technical rules.

In addition to the large collection of German Standards (DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN ISO and DIN IEC Standards), our database contains references to the most important European standards collections, as well as collections from countries such as Japan or the USA.

We can also provide the following services:

Data sets and data fields
For each document there is a data set with up to 90 data fields containing all bibliographic information, content descriptions and other details which are essential for standards management. You choose which data fields you wish to include. Here you can find a detailed list containing all possible data fields in English and German.

Data formats
DITR data service supplies data fields in the format you select. You can also choose among many options for parameters such as field name, field length, notation and spelling, special characters, presentation of data, etc.

Data transfer
We deliver our data using various forms of data transfer.

Your options: One-time service or subscription

One-time service:
One-time delivery of all available information on the technical rules you have selected.

Annual subscription:
12 monthly updates covering all modifications to the documents you have selected.

Upon request:
For some collections we also deliver updates on a weekly basis.

The price: Pay only for what you need

The cost of our data service is determined by the price of each data field and document selected by you.

Here you can find our price list.

We also offer you numerous extras free of charge.

Your personal offer

Take advantage of our consultation services by contacting Daniela Trescher for specialist advice on your customised data service:

Daniela Trescher
Telephone + 49 30 2601-2493