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Standard [CURRENT] 2011-08-15

OENORM EN 15733:2011-08-15
Services of real estate agents - Requirements for the provision of services of real estate agents

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2013-11

DIN CLC/TR 50510:2013-11; DIN SPEC 40510:2013-11
Fibre optic access to end-user - A guideline to building of FTTx fibre optic network; German version CLC/TR 50510:2012

The abbreviation FTTx refers to grids using fibres in the terminal area, meaning beyond the last exchange Central Office. "x" thereby denotes different penetration levels, for instance: - FTTC = ...

Procedure: Technical report

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2019-12

DIN CEN/TS 17378:2019-12; DIN SPEC 70046:2019-12
Intelligent transport systems - Urban ITS - Air quality management in urban areas; German version CEN/TS 17378:2019
Procedure: Pre-Standard

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Technical rule [AVAILABLE PRE-PUBLICATION] 2022-02

DIN SPEC 91462:2022-02
Requirements for the services of property management companies
Procedure: PAS

Free of charge

Standard [CURRENT] 2012-05-01

OENORM CEN/TS 16118:2012-05-01
Sheltered housing - Requirements for services for older people provided in a sheltered housing scheme

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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-05-01

OENORM B 2120:2012-05-01
Minimum requirements for a building promoter's contract

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2013-04

VDI 4506 Blatt 3:2013-04
Strategic sales - Planning services using Business Coach

This guideline should be applied after using VDI 4506 Part 1 if the action-related findings there obtained concentrate on the development and optimization of services or on performance systems ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2006-06

VDI 6004 Blatt 1:2006-06
Protection of Building Services - Flood - Buildings, installations, equipment

This guideline deals with planning, construction implementation, operation and use of buildings, installation and facilities as well as measures for reducing or preventing possible damage.

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Draft technical rule 2021-10

VDI 4300 Blatt 1:2021-10 - Draft
Measurement of indoor air pollution - General aspects of measurement strategy

The standard describes the strategy and the conduction of measurements of indoor air pollutants. It is necessary to plan these measurements carefully, because the result may have significant ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2021-03

VDI-EE 4802 Blatt 1:2021-03
Resource efficiency in the building sector - Buildings

The VDI Expert Recommendation explains the application of the concept of resource efficiency in the life cycle of buildings. It defines essential boundary conditions and methodological ...

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