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Technical rule 2017-06

VDI 3790 Blatt 2:2017-06
Environmental meteorology - Emissions of gases, odours and dusts from diffuse sources - Landfills

The standard picks the diffuse emissions from landfills for mineral and/or biodegradable waste as a central theme and describes requirements and defined measurement and calculation methods for the ...

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Technical rule 2016-05

VDI 3899 Blatt 1:2016-05
Emission control - Landfill gas - Utilisation and treatment of landfill gas

Landfill gas is produced by anaerobic biological processes in the landfill body. It is a mixture consisting half of methane and carbon dioxide, and a variety of trace gases. Leaking landfill gas ...

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Technical rule 2012-01

VDI 4600:2012-01
Cumulative energy demand (KEA) - Terms, definitions, methods of calculation

In the course of technology assessment and evaluation, it has become more and more common to quantify and analyse products and services under aspects such as expenditures and impact on resources, ...

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Technical rule 2018-04

VDI 3925 Blatt 2:2018-04
Methods for evaluation of waste treatment processes - Samples calculations

The standard demonstrates the application of the different evaluation methods of waste treatment processes as per VDI 3925 Part 1 using an actual real-life example. In this example two thermal ...

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Draft technical rule 2019-07

VDI 3899 Blatt 2:2019-07 - Draft
Emission control - Landfill gas - Systems for landfill gas collection and aeration

The standard describes the state of the art in the collection of landfill gas. In addition to landfills with active gas production, this also includes landfills in the low-gas phase and the ...

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Publication Bauwerk 2016-04

Erläuterung wichtiger Begriffe des Bauwesens - Mit vielen Abbildungen

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