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Standard [CURRENT] 2018-11

DIN 13316 Berichtigung 1:2018-11
Mechanics of ideal elastic bodies - Concepts, quantities, symbols; Corrigendum 1

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Standard [CURRENT] 2013-04

DIN EN 1992-2/NA:2013-04
National Annex - Nationally determined parameters - Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures - Part 2: Concrete bridges - Design and detailing rules

This National Annex describes the principles and requirements for safety, serviceability and durability of concrete bridges which shall be taken into account when applying DIN EN 1992-2:2010-12 ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 1982-10

DIN 6584:1982-10
Terms of the cutting technique; forces, energy, work, power

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Standard [CURRENT] 2016-11

DIN EN ISO 20502:2016-11
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Determination of adhesion of ceramic coatings by scratch testing (ISO 20502:2005 including Cor 1:2009); German version EN ISO 20502:2016

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Standard [CURRENT] 1997-07

DIN 53119-1:1997-07
Testing of paper and board - Determination of friction - Part 1: Record method for data processing papers

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Standard [CURRENT] 1997-07

DIN 53119-2:1997-07
Testing of paper - Determination of friction - Part 2: Inclined plane method

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Standard [CURRENT] 2015-12

DIN 55426:2015-12
Packaging test - Determination of the high pressure coefficient of friction

This document specifies the requirements for the test to assess the friction behaviour of foils under pressure conditions, such as those which can occur on the format shoulder of tubular bag ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2016-11

DIN 68501:2016-11
Hardware for furniture - Test methods for determination of strength and stiffness of cabinet connectors

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Standard [CURRENT] 2020-02

DIN EN ISO 13287:2020-02
Personal protective equipment - Footwear - Test method for slip resistance (ISO 13287:2019); German version EN ISO 13287:2019

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Draft standard [PRE-ORDER] 2022-03

DIN EN 1993-1-13:2022-03 - Draft
Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 1-13: Rules for beams with large web openings; German and English version prEN 1993-1-13:2022

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