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Draft standard 2021-12

DIN 54390:2021-12 - Draft
Solid recovered fuels - Real-time determination of fuel-characterising parameters using near-infrared spectroscopy

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Standard [CURRENT] 2011-11

DIN 10527:2011-11
Food hygiene - Sale of perishable foodstuffs from vending machines - Hygiene requirements

Perishable foodstuffs are very often offered for self-service via vending machines. This type of offer meets the desire of the users to provide themselves with food for the journey, despite of ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2016-11

DIN 4045:2016-11
Wastewater engineering - Vocabulary

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Draft standard 2021-08

DIN 10503:2021-08 - Draft
Food hygiene - Terminology

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Standard [CURRENT] 2017-10

DIN 38405-27:2017-10
German standard methods for the examination of water, waste water and sludge - Anions (group D) - Part 27: Determination of sulfide by gas extraction method (D 27)

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Standard [CURRENT] 2020-10

DIN 10516:2020-10
Food hygiene - Cleaning and disinfection

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Standard [CURRENT] 2010-02

DIN EN 746-1:2010-02
Industrial thermoprocessing equipment - Part 1: Common safety requirements for industrial thermoprocessing equipment; German version EN 746-1:1997+A1:2009

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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-08

DIN EN 12258-1:2012-08
Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Terms and definitions - Part 1: General terms; Trilingual version EN 12258-1:2012

This European Standard defines general terms relating to products of aluminium and aluminium alloys which are helpful for communication within the aluminium industry and with its customers. It ...

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from 251.50 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2020-03

DIN EN 17472:2020-03 - Draft
Sustainability of construction works - Sustainability assessment civil engineering works - Calculation methods; German and English version prEN 17472:2020

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Standard [CURRENT] 2017-07

DIN EN 752:2017-07
Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Sewer system management; German version EN 752:2017
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