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ASD-STAN standards now available

In its capacity as a CEN Associated Body, ASD-STAN (the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe), develops European prestandards (ASD-STAN prEN) that CEN subsequently transposes into European Standards (EN). The ASD-STAN prENs are developed by European experts in ASD-STAN working groups. DIN Standards Committee Aerospace (NL) has the function of a national focal point for ASD-STAN and “mirrors” its work in its national committees.

Areas covered include mechanics, electrical engineering, avionics, materials, REACH, aircraft cabins, unmanned flight systems, and quality and management techniques.

To date, a total of 2,213 European Standards have resulted from the cooperation with ASD-STAN, corresponding to 11 % of all European Standards published by CEN.

Beuth Verlag can currently supply 1,170 ASD-STAN prEN documents und 60 ASD-STAN Technical Reports (TR) in English language.