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General terms and conditions relating to DIN conferences & DIN seminars

1. Scope
These general terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between Beuth Verlag GmbH (referred to as “Beuth Verlag” in the following) and the customer of Beuth Verlag (referred to as the "Customer" in the following) participating in any event organized and carried out by Beuth Verlag's "DIN Academy" division. Contrary or supplementary terms and conditions of the Customer shall not form part of this Agreement, even where this is not expressly contested by Beuth Verlag. Any special agreements with the Customer made in individual cases (including collateral agreements, supplementary agreements or modifications) take precedence over these general terms and conditions. A written contract or the written confirmation of Beuth Verlag is decisive for the content of such agreements.

2. Registration and confirmation of registration
The Customer registers for the event by mail, fax, e-mail or online. This registration is binding. The contract is concluded when Beuth Verlag gives the Customer confirmation that the event will take place.

3. Participation fees and payment
Participation fees include documentation, certification of participation, lunch/snacks and drinks (webinars excepting), plus VAT, and are payable in full, giving the invoice number, within eight days of receipt of the invoice.

4. Cancellation, alteration of booking by Customer
The Customer may cancel his/her reservation in writing at any time before the start of the event (cancellation). For cancellations submitted up to 21 days before the start of the event, the participation fee need not be paid. For cancellations submitted later than 21 days before the start of the event, the participation fee is payable in full, unless the Customer nominates someone else to take his/her place and who will pay the participation fee. Alternatively, the Customer may attend a different event within one year, in which case an administrative surcharge of € 50 plus VAT will be charged.

5. Cancellation and alteration of booking by Beuth Verlag
Beuth Verlag reserves the right to cancel an event at short notice for important reasons beyond its control (particularly illness on the part of the instructor/speaker, or an insufficient number of registrations) – but no later than six working days before the start of the event. Where possible, the Customer will be given the option of booking an alternative event. In this case, no re-booking fee will be charged. If the Customer declines this offer, any payments received will be refunded. No further claims, particularly for damages, shall derive from the cancellation. Beuth Verlag will not reimburse any costs incurred from the cancellation (for example, cancellation or re-booking fees to be paid by the Customer for any means of transport or any overnight stays).

Beuth Verlag reserves the right to substitute or cancel individual lectures, speakers and/or content of an event, as long as such action does not substantially adversely affect the overall character of the event. Likewise, Beuth Verlag can change dates and/or locations of the event, except where there is no valid reason to do so and the legitimate interests of the Customer are substantially adversely affected.

6. Advertising
Advertising in any form during or in connection with the event is subject to the prior written permission of Beuth Verlag.

7. Data protection
Beuth Verlag uses data processing facilities for its business transactions and stores customer information for its business purposes within the scope permitted by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Data Protection Act). A data protection officer has been appointed. The Customer takes note of this, and consents to the registration, storage, processing of his/her user data, and also to the passing on of this data to companies within the DIN Group (DIN e.V., DIN Software GmbH) for marketing purposes (name, title, and address only). The Customer may withdraw at any time his/her consent that his/her data be made available for marketing purposes. The Customer’s name and company/organization will be made available to event participants (webinars excepting) in the form of a list of participants. For its webinars, Beuth Verlag uses Cisco's cloud-based software "WebEx Event Center" and hosts its website on Cisco's servers within the EU. For customers to register and take part in the webinar, it is required that their data be made available on this platform. The Customer acknowledges and consents that personal data required for participation in the webinar (e.g. first and last names, e-mail address and invoice address (in cases where the webinar is against payment) are communicated to

8. Documentation
The event may be documented by means of photographs, video and/or sound recording. The Customer consents that photographs, video and/or sound recordings of the event in which the Customer is clearly identifiable may be used in whole or in part for all current and future media, particularly for the purposes of quality assurance and reporting. Documentation of webinars is excepted. No contributions from customers (image, sound or chat) will be recorded for use as webinar documentation.

9. Liability
Any claims for damages are excluded. This does not apply to damages arising from injury to the life, body or health of a person, or where key contractual obligations ("cardinal obligations") are infringed, or to other forms of damage caused by any intentional or grossly negligent dereliction of duty on the part of Beuth Verlag, its legal representatives or agents. Key contractual obligations are such that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve the aim of the contract.

Compensation for infringement of key contractual obligations shall be limited to foreseeable losses typical to the contract, if such damage was caused by ordinary negligence, unless it concerns compensation of the User for damages relating to injury to life, body or health. The above limitations also apply to Beuth Verlag's legal representatives or agents if claims are made against these directly. The provisions of the Produkthaftungsgesetz (German Product Liability Act) shall remain unaffected.

10. Place of performance and jurisdiction
Any disputes arising from contractual agreements between the Customer and Beuth Verlag shall fall under the jurisdiction of the place at which Beuth Verlag has its registered office, insofar as the Customer is a business person, is a legal entity under public law or is a special fund under public law.

11. Settlement of disputes
Beuth Verlag GmbH does not participate in dispute settlement schemes involving consumer arbitration agencies.

Current as of: January 2016