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Here you will find helpful information on copyright regarding our standards.

  • All documents, including downloaded documents, are subject to copyright and may only be used at one work station.

    The unauthorized reproduction, dissemination or making available on the internet of a work protected by copyright is illegal and a criminal offence and will result in claims for damages.

    The document you receive is an Adobe Acrobat® PDF file that cannot be modified and is intended for use at one work station. When you purchase an electronic document you also obtain a single workstation licence allowing you to store this document on your computer. The electronic file covered by the licence cannot under any circumstances be copied, transmitted or posted on a network without permission of the copyright holder.

    You may print out one copy and store only one printed copy of the PDF file. A single workstation licence and permission to make one copy applies to each bought and paid-for copy.

    The printed copy is protected by national and international copyright law without restrictions and may not be photocopied or reproduced in any other form. The copy may not be resold under any circumstances.

    Do you have questions about copyright? Please contact our Legal Department:

    Tel.: +49 (0)30 2601-2361

  • The principles of use for DIN standards are described here in German. This document is not currently available in English. Auszug aus dem DIN-Normenheft 10

  • Further information on the reproduction of DIN Standards is given in the document below:

  • Information on the reproduction and translation of DIN Standards with VDE classification is given under the following link. Currently, this information is only available in German.