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Electronic invoicing

Three good reasons for e-invoicing:

It’s faster.
Copying, distributing and filing only takes a few clicks.

It saves space.
The same number of invoices that fill a file folder in paper form only take up 13 MB of storage space in digital form.

There are fewer emissions.
The carbon footprint of an electronic invoice is about half that of a paper invoice.

If you opt for electronic invoices you will receive them by email.
E-invoicing complies with tax law regulations.

What format do the e-invoices have?

  • The standard format for our e-invoices is PDF.
  • Do you need XML files? Then choose one of these two other formats when registering: ZUGFeRD or XRechnung.
  • All three formats conform to fiscal regulations.

How do I register for e-invoicing?

When you register on the Beuth webshop you can select the form of invoicing (paper or e-invoicing).

Do you already have a Beuth customer account? Then you can register here for e-invoicing in just a few minutes, and in future you will receive your invoices by e-mail.

Do you have any questions regarding e-invoicing?

We will be glad to help!
Just send us an email to International@beuth.de.

Still filing papers?  

E-invoicing saves time, space and CO2.

Switch today!