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Electronic invoicing

We can send you invoices in an electronic format.
The way this works and the potential advantages are described below.

What is the procedure for electronic invoicing?

Your invoice will be transmitted by e-mail as a pdf document with a qualified electronic signature. The electronic document – which can be used for tax purposes, e.g. for tax deductions – thus takes the place of a physical paper document. A paper version of the invoice will not be sent.

This service is free of charge. The technical requirements are minimal: e-mail software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook), Acrobat Reader, and a verification software tool (e.g. DigiSeal Reader).

Beuth Verlag will see to it that your invoices are generated with a qualified electronic signature.

What are the advantages of electronic invoicing?

Less paper is produced, printed and transported. Invoices can be easily distributed internally by e-mail for release – this saves time and money.
Invoices are immediately generated by Beuth Verlag's system. Time needed for postal delivery is saved.
There are no additional requirements regarding infrastructure; all legal tax requirements are met.

Items to be delivered are provided by postal service or courier, separately. Documents ordered as download versions can be accessed through the account at www.beuth.eu. Login credentials for our online service collections have already been sent to the person who ordered.

How can your company/organization register for electronic invoicing?

After consulting with your accounting department, fill out and send the declaration of consent for electronic invoicing. Once we receive this declaration, we will set up electronic invoicing for your company/organization. All invoices will be sent in electronic format with a qualified signature to the e-mail address you have given us.

We look forward to receiving your consent form soon!

Just download the declaration of consent for electronic invoicing form, fill it out and sign it, and send to:

Beuth Verlag GmbH
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13627 Berlin

By e-mail: international@beuth.de

By fax: +49 30 2601-1263