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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Can you not find the standard or technical rule you are looking for? It might be that it is no longer current.

    Search using the field “Check status of standard ” This will then show either a list of replacement documents or a comment that the document was withdrawn without replacement.


    Use the 6th option, “Check status of standard”, under the drop-down menu to the left of the search window to check the current availability of a standard. 

    Then select one of the new search options:

    • Document number: Search using the document identifier (e.g. “DIN EN”) and/or the standard number (9001)
    • Publication date: This serves as an additional search criterion to help narrow down the search. Date format: YYYY-MM

    Example search term: "DIN 28054-2"

    The result this generates is “The document you searched for has been withdrawn. The current replacement documents are shown. ”
    The replacement document DIN EN 14879-2 is then displayed as an alternative result.

  • Yes. We offer our customers subscription solutions that can be tailored to their needs, such as our Standards Ticker.

  • Can you not find the standard you are searching for using the function “Check status of standard” (to the left of the search window)? You can also use the “Withdrawn documents” area for your research, to locate and access such documents. You can find this to the left of the main search window.


    The drop-down menu to the left of the search window has 5 more specific search options. Select “Withdrawn documents” to search for non-current standards.

    Once you have selected a more specific option, the following search fields then appear:

    • Document number: Search using the document designation (e.g. “DIN EN”) and/or the standard number
    • Publication date: Date format YYYY-MM

    Enter your search term (e.g. “DIN 1045”) into the field “Document number”. This will return all withdrawn versions of DIN 1045. Click on the document number itself (DIN 1045) to see which document is the current version.

    It is possible to gain access to withdrawn DIN and ISO standards, as well as to withdrawn VDI guidelines and DVS technical codes and bulletins.
    The majority of these documents can be ordered online as downloadable documents. Every page of these documents bears a watermark saying “Withdrawn”. And they can all also be acquired on paper.

  • About 80% of the standards and technical rules that you can find through our web shop can be ordered as a download.

    If an article does not appear with a selection option for “Download”, then this unfortunately means that we do not have the right to sell this document. This is the case with DIN standards that bear a VDE classification for example, or with standards published by other standards organizations. In these cases, it is only possible to order a paper copy of the document.

  • Once you have logged into beuth.de, you will find them under “Download orders”.

    After clicking on “Download orders” you will see an overview of all your orders from the last 30 business days.

    For information about a specific order, click on “Download here”.

    All orders remain visible in your personal account at beuth.de for 30 business days.

  • The standard setting (“protected mode”) of Adobe Reader X and of the DC version prevent DRM-protected documents and ebooks as PDFs from being printed.

    Deactivate protected mode as follows:

    1. Go to “Edit” > “Preferences”
      This opens a dialogue box.
    2. Under “Categories”, select “General”.
    3. Deselect the box for “Enable Protected Mode at Startup”.
      Please note: With version XI, this option can be found under “Security (Enhanced)”.

    In order for the change to be effective, please restart Abode Reader X.

    More information is available at: Adobe Reader online support .

  • Price list for DIN standards, draft standards and other technical rules

    Price list for DIN standards and draft standards with the price group classification “K”

    Prices in the Beuth web shop
    All prices specified in the Beuth web shop are inclusive of VAT.

    Printed documents are subject to the lower VAT rate of 7%.

    Electronic documents (PDFs) are subject to the VAT rate of 19%. Under certain circumstances customers outside Germany do not need to pay VAT. Please refer to the information on your invoice or contact the International Customer Service. For standards for certain standards organizations, a higher gross price is charged.

    Because there is a certain amount of work involved in acquiring standards from other countries, we charge a 5% handling fee (service fee, excl. VAT) on top of the net price for download orders. For download orders of DIN standards, no handling fee is charged.

    If the paper copy is ordered in addition to a download, the handling fee amounts to 20% (excl. VAT). (This applies to DIN standards and all other standards.)

    A fee is also charged for the postage of printed documents.

    For DIN Academy prices (seminars and conferences), the net prices are also listed.

    Shipping costs
    Postage is calculated individually for every order. The cost is dependent on the products ordered (weight) and the delivery address. The final price is visible on the order summary page before submitting your order. Customers outside Germany should contact the International Customer Service for more information.

    Payment options
    During the ordering process you can choose between receiving an invoice or paying by credit card.
    If you choose to pay by invoice you will receive an invoice in the post (separate to the products ordered). We charge a fee of €2.00 for sending a separate invoice.
    If you choose to pay by credit card we will charge the invoice amount to your card. We accept payments from the following credit cards:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
  • We will send your invoice to you in the post. If you wish to receive your invoice separate to the order itself, we charge a fee of €2.00.
    Alternatively, you can opt to receive your invoice electronically. You can find more information about this here: Electronic invoicing

    • Please look for emails sent from registrierung@beuth.de.
    • Check your spam folder.
    • Check whether your company uses a central spam filter that only allows emails through if you confirm them (you may see the error message “rejected by our SPAM blocker). It is not technically possible for our database to communicate directly with spam filters. Please ask your administrator to always allow emails from registrierung@beuth.de.

    If this does not help, please contact us.

  • If a search returns a document labelled as a “manuscript” then the translation was not carried out by DIN Translation Services. Manuscripts have not been edited or checked by DIN and therefore are not published as official DIN Standards. This does not necessarily mean that the quality of the translation is lacking.

    But it may mean that in certain cases graphic elements have been left out for technical reasons and that the text has not yet been formatted in accordance with DIN publication standards.

  • You can order standards and technical rules available in English.

    When ordering standards and technical rules from standardization bodies other than DIN, please use our Foreign Standards Service.

    Many DIN standards and other German technical rules can simply be ordered in English through the Beuth web shop.

  • Yes. Certain DIN standards have been translated into French, Spanish, Chinese and Polish, as well as some other languages. These documents are usually manuscript translations.
    When ordering standards and technical rules from standardization bodies other than DIN, please use our Foreign Standards Service.