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General searches

A search field is shown at the top left of each page.
Here you can search for standards, seminars and conferences, or Beuth publications.

Use the wildcard * as a placeholder for any number of letters or numerals. For instance, enter "machin*" to search for the terms "machine", "machinery", "machines", "machinable", etc.

The default operator is "and". That means that when you enter several terms, a search is made for documents containing ALL these words. You can also use the OR operator (or "|" symbol) to search for documents containing one word or the other.

Searches are NOT case sensitive; that means it doesn't matter whether you use capital or small letters.

Example:  "safety requirements OR specifications" searches for documents containing the word "safety" AND the word "requirements" OR the word "specifications".

Results will be shown for:

  • standards"
  • "foreign standards" (i.e. published outside Germany)
  • "national standards" (i.e. published within Germany)
  • "Regul. Techn. Docs" (i.e. legislation related to technology)
  • "publications" (other than standards or technical rules, e.g. books, handbooks, etc.)
  • "DIN Handbooks"
  • "loose-leaf publications"
  • "online services"
  • "info material" (i.e. informative material on a product)

The bibliographic entry for each product includes the following information:

  • Document number or title of publication
  • Publication date
  • The original language the document was published in
  • Any other language versions
  • Other products the document is contained in ("also avail in")
  • A link to the table of contents OR a list of documents contained in that product
  • The price for downloading the document (registration as myBeuth customer necessary) incl. VAT.
  • The price for shipping a hard copy to you ("Shipment") (incl. VAT but not including shipping and handling)
  • "Sub": If you have a subscription at Beuth (registered myBeuth customers only) check here to include the item in your subscription.

General Searches