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Online Library

Here you will find useful information about our online library service.

  • The Online Library is a new platform from Beuth Verlag for reading and working with eBooks. This way, you can use the content online wherever you are, especially on mobile devices.

  • You can access the Online Library via your personal Beuth profile on the Beuth website.

    If you don’t yet have an account, this will be created for you automatically as soon as you first purchase an electronic product. When you buy your first eBook, an account for the Online Library will also be created for you.

    Use the link “Online Library” for an overview of all the publications you can access in the Online Library.

    You can also go directly to your eBooks. In the download details you can also open the publication directly in the Online Library viewer.

  • The Viewer lets you read the eBooks in the Online Library. It has numerous useful functions, including a full-text search, zoom, various  display formats and the notes function, making it also ideal for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

  • Unfortunately not. At the moment only eBooks purchased after February 2016 can be used.

  • The order process for an eBook is effectively the same as it is for other items in the Beuth Web shop. After making your purchase, you will be informed that your publication is now available in your personal account and ready to download. There will also be a link to the Online Library.

  • eBooks or eBook packages can also be purchased as multi-user licences. You can see whether an eBook has a multi-user licence option in the ordering process. Under the heading "Purchase options" you will find a list of multi-user licenses. You have the opportunity to use the eBook for 3, 5, 10 or unlimited users.

    Do you want to purchase a multi-user licence but can’t find it in the web shop? Please contact our Customer Service directly.

  • You need to have a Beuth account to order a multi-user licence via the Beuth web shop. This is why you first need to register if you do not yet have a user account. Once you have registered you can order the multi-user licence via your Beuth account.

    You only have access to multi-user licences via the Online Library; you cannot download PDFs.

  • When you purchase a multi-user licence you will be given a new user name and password. Depending on how many work stations you have purchased licences for, more than one user can use these access data to access documents in the Online Library at the same time.

    eBooks or eBook packages can also be accessed using an IP address. If you wish to purchase a multi-user licence based on your IP address, please contact our Customer Service directly.

  • eBook packages are pre-selected compilations of publications on a certain subject. You can see which publications are included in the package by going to the relevant product page.

    eBook packages can only be accessed via the Online Library; pdfs cannot be downloaded. eBook packages can also be purchased as multi-user licences.

  • The Online Library is your virtual bookshelf. It contains all the publications listed, in unabridged form, just like a printed book or the pdf version.

    The Beuth Mediathek stores extra resources that are relevant to your Beuth publications and can be directly downloaded. These may be additional texts, pdfs and/or flash, video and audio materials, depending on which publications you have bought from Beuth. You have to register separately for the Beuth Mediathek.

  • If you do not want access to the Online Library, you can contact our customer service. We will then deactivate access to our additional Online Library service for you.

  • If you miss the link to the Online Library in your user account or on the single view of your downloads, please contact our customer service.