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Prices and payment options

Here you will find helpful information on prices and payment options in the Beuth webshop, as well as info on electronic invoicing.

  • You can find our price lists here in German and English:

    All prices specified in the Beuth web shop are inclusive of VAT.

    • The listed prices, including those for technical rules other than DIN Standards, include 7 % VAT. If the paper copy is ordered in addition to a download, the handling fee amounts to 20%.
    • Because there is a certain amount of work involved in acquiring standards from other countries, we charge a 5% handling fee (excl. VAT) on top of the net price for download orders. For download orders of DIN Standards, no handling fee is charged.
    • For DIN Academy prices (seminars and conferences), the net prices are also listed.
  • During the ordering process you can choose between receiving an invoice or paying by credit card.
    If you choose to pay by invoice you will receive an invoice in the post (separate to the products ordered ). We charge a fee of €2.00 for sending your invoice separately in the post.
    If you choose to pay by credit card we will charge the invoice amount to your card. We accept payments from the following credit cards:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express

    Alternatively, you can opt to receive your invoice electronically. For more information, see below.

  • We are happy to send your invoices electronically.

    The invoices are sent via email as a PDF document with a qualified electronic signature. These documents meet the legal requirements for VAT deductions and replace the paper invoices that were previously sent.

    Signing up for this service is free. The only technical requirements you have to meet are having email software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook), Adobe Acrobat Reader and an electronic signature verification tool (e.g. DigiSeal Reader).

    Beuth Verlag is responsible for providing electronic invoices with a qualified electronic signature.

  • You (and we) save on paper and postage. In addition, having email invoices makes it easy for you to distribute them internally for approval and releasing - saving time and administrative costs.

    The invoices are sent to you as soon as they are ready, with no time lag for postal delivery.

    Electronic invoicing also meets specific prerequisites regarding infrastructure and complies with all tax laws.

  • Fill out the Declaration of consent. Once we have received your declaration of consent we will set up electronic invoicing for your company. This means all invoices will bear a qualified electronic signature and be sent to the email address named by you.

    We look forward to setting your company up for electronic invoicing: Click here

    For further information or changes to your existing e-billing process please contact:

    Beuth Verlag GmbH
    International Customer service
    Saatwinkler Damm 42/43
    13627 Berlin

    By email: international@beuth.de