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Online services at beuth.de

  • With the webshop integration, Beuth is taking the next step on the way to creating a central contact point for our customers with www.beuth.de/en, where content can not only be purchased but also conveniently used.

    1. You only need to remember one website: www.beuth.de/en. The webshop becomes the single point of login where you access the content of your booked online services.
    2. You benefit from simpler login and registration processes as well as the administration functions.
    3. On the webshop you can now search all your booked online services. Use our powerful webshop search to specifically search your booked online services and open the documents directly in the webshop.

      OD Suche

    1. You no longer log in on the online service page, but at www.beuth.de/en and Login.


    2. Your booked online services are listed under “My account”.

    The documents open directly in their own viewer. Depending on the data basis, they are PDF or XML files.

  • No, the login details of your online service(s) remain valid.

  • After logging in, there are two ways to access your online service documents:

    1. By calling up a standard directly via the webshop search.
    2. By specifically calling up the online service under "My account" > "Dashboard" > "Your online services".

      OD Dashboard

      OD Dashboard 2

  • You can limit the webshop search to "Documents in my online services" using the search filter. The results list generated in this way shows you the standards according to your search query and your standards inventory, which you can conveniently call up after a short loading time via the "Open document" button.

    OD Filter

  • Yes, the platform's own viewer allows you to run the application on any end device.

    • Operating system
    • Browser
    • Full support from version
  • No, the licence conditions you have agreed upon still apply. If you have concluded a single-user licence for an online service, the associated provisions continue to apply. The same applies with company licences.

Online services outside beuth.de

  • Yes. Please note: Documents are copy-protected and an Adobe Reader plug-in is required to open them. Go here for more information.

  • Yes, the functions of our online services enable you to run the application on any end device. However, there is a limitation to the display of some functions on small devices, such as smartphones. On mobile devices, the focus is on the reading view of a document, which means that, for example, the "Compare documents" function is no longer displayed here for reasons of space.

  • The functions of our online services support all common browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (from version 10) and Microsoft Edge as well as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


















    Mac OS




    Android default browser



    iOS default browser (Safari)


  • In the online service in the Basic version, only the documents subscribed to with the respective online service are available.

    From the Pro version onwards, you can make direct purchases and display them in the online service. You can obtain the PDF document as usual via your Beuth account. However, the purchased document is not updated via the online service.

    • In principle, you can purchase documents and publications via con:text that Beuth Verlag is also authorized to distribute with con:text. At the moment, these are DIN technical rules (including DIN EN and DIN EN ISO documents) as well as selected publications from Beuth Verlag.
    • In addition, you can purchase further documents from the webshop directly via con:text. These purchases are then available to you at Beuth.de.
  • In this case, you own the document you have already purchased both on lease as part of your online service subscription and as a purchased document. A discount or refund of an already purchased document is unfortunately not possible.

  • No. In the context of a subscribed online service, only the documents originally contained in the online service are updated.

  • There are currently isolated cases of an error message occurring when opening DRM-protected documents in the browser.

    However, you should still be able to open the document. Simply try to open the document directly on your PC (to the “Downloads” folder) in your PDF Reader.

    Alternatively, you can also change your default browser settings so that PDFs are opened directly in your PDF Reader and not in the browser. If you use Chrome, you can do this as follows:

    • Type the address chrome://settings/content/pdf Documents.
    • Activate the setting “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome”.
    • Provided you have installed the FileOpen Plug-In (https://plugin.fileopen.com/all.aspx) for Acrobat Reader, the PDF will now open directly in the PDF Reader.


    If you get an error when opening the PDFs with Firefox, this probably means that Firefox is trying to open the document in the preview window. To open documents in Acrobat Reader, proceed as follows.

    • In Firefox, open the menu (1) on the top right and go to the settings (2)

    • Search for “pdf” (1). In the search result you will find an entry for PDF (2). Via the dropdown menu (3), open the list of applications and either select Acrobat Reader directly or, if necessary, search via “Other applications....” (4).


    A setting in Edge results in documents opening up in the browser itself, and an error message occurs.

    • To change the setting and open the documents in Adobe Reader, type the following in Edge: edge://settings/content/pdfDocuments?search=pdf
    • The settings for PDF documents will open. Move the slider to the right.