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Standards Ticker

Here you will find helpful information on our update service, the Standards Ticker.

  • The concept is simple: You select the standards you want and need; and our Standards Ticker team will keep an eye on them. You will receive a monthly status update with information about the status of all the standards in your collection, even if nothing has changed.
    We are also happy to help you decide which standards should be in your collection.

  • After you have put together your personal standards collection, we will regularly add important bibliographic information about replacement documents, new editions or withdrawals relating specifically to your standards. This way your collection stays up-to-date.

  • Almost all national and international collections available via the Beuth web shop. Overview of available technical rule collections.

  • The basic prices are annual prices.

  • This easy-to-use tool allows you to view and manage your Standards Ticker subscription(s) online. Furthermore, you can easily add new standards to your collection through the web shop – and, of course, remove them again.

  • Every six months we send you information about documents that are similar to those in your collection. The Standards Ticker is therefore always one step ahead of you and helps you to identify documents that could be of interest.

  • The basic version of Standards Ticker is a purely informative service. Standards Ticker/doc automatically provides you with new editions and replacements for documents in your collection, which involves the obligation to purchase them. That’s why the annual price is cheaper.

  • You can register for Standards Ticker on the same website or through the Beuth web shop. You can find all the relevant information under this link: Standards Ticker

    Standards Ticker offers three different options:

    1. Standards Ticker
    For the basic option, go to the Standards Ticker main page and click on “More information / order”. You will then find more information about this option.

    If you then click on “Register now”, the registration form will appear. Please fill this out and be aware that all blue fields / fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. Our team will then set up a basic subscription to Standards Ticker for you. At the same time as this, login details four our web shop will be generated for you for. You can find more information here.

    2. Standards Ticker/doc
    For the Standards Ticker/doc option, click on “Get quote” to see more essential information. You can also make use of our Call-back service (see the link on this page) – our team will be very happy to help and provide advice, obviously at no cost. Once you have left your details, someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible and discuss an offer that has been tailored to what you need. You can find more information here.

    3. Standards Ticker/compact
    For the Standards Ticker/compact option, click on “Get quote” to see more information. You can also make use of our Call-back service (see the link on this page) – our team will be very happy to help and provide advice, obviously at no cost. Once you have left your details, someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible and discuss an offer that has been tailored to what you need. You can find more information here.

  • Ordering through Standards Ticker

    1. The customer placing the order (hereafter “Subscriber”) shall send to Beuth Verlag a list of DIN Standards, Supplements, Prestandards and draft standards, VDI Guidelines or other technical rules (collectively referred to below as "standards") which shall be checked regularly to see if they are current. If the Subscriber only lists the main number of a series of standards (without expressly naming a part number) then all parts in this series will be included in the subscription.
    2. This order is binding. Once this order has been received the initial list of documents in the subscription (referred to below as the "initial table of contents") will be supplied by Beuth Verlag, together with the invoice for the service fees, within a time period that is reasonable based on the number of documents under consideration, upon which receipt the order becomes a legally binding contract. In supplying the initial table of contents Beuth Verlag confirms to the Subscriber the list of standards that are included in the subscription. This subscription can be expanded or reduced either upon written notice by the Subscriber or through changes in the standards collections (e.g. withdrawals without replacement, superseding documents having a different number).
    3. At the start of every year, or at another time agreed upon, Beuth Verlag will deliver a current table of contents for the subscription. The most recent table of contents for the subscription and all following notices of changes to the subscription supplied by both parties to the contract are decisive for the current status of the Standards Ticker subscription.
    4. Where changes are made to the subscription, Beuth Verlag will send the Subscriber offers for new editions of the standards in the subscription.
    5. On a monthly basis Beuth Verlag will inform the Subscriber of the withdrawal of any technical rules in his/her subscription. Regardless of this, the announcement of publication as made in the "DIN-Anzeiger für technische Regeln" (a list of technical rules recently published) is decisive as regards the currency of a standard. Beuth Verlag will inform the Subscriber if, during the month in question, any additions or changes have been announced regarding the standards in his/her subscription.
    6. The Subscriber can then order the standards listed in the offer mentioned above. Subscribers with DIN membership will receive a discount. Ordered standards may not be returned.
    7. Notices sent by the Subscriber changing the list of standards in the subscription take effect in the month after the notice has been received by Beuth Verlag.
    8. Beuth Verlag's services comprise a check of the current status of documents in the subscription carried out at the start of the subscription, the initial table of contents (list), a monthly overview of withdrawals and/or a notice giving the status of the subscription (if no changes to the subscription have occurred during that month), and every six months, the provision of information about other documents that could be of interest to the Subscriber.
    9. The Subscriber will pay an annual fee for the above-mentioned services of Beuth Verlag, which for the first year is calculated on a pro rata basis, and then is to be paid at the beginning of every year after that. The price list is included in the subscription.
    10. DIN's "Notices of Copyright" in their current versions apply to the DIN Standards delivered.
    11. The subscription is valid for a minimum of 12 months, starting with the date of the order. After that both parties may cancel the subscription at any time. Cancellations are effective as of the end of the month following the month in which the cancellation has been received. Service fees for the remainder of the current year are not refunded.
      The current terms of delivery and payment of Beuth Verlag GmbH are also an integral part of this contract. Any changes and secondary agreements to this contract, and any cancellation of the subscription must be in writing to be valid.
    12. Your personal data will be used to complete the order process. You data will also be used to generate tailored offers to you from the DIN Group. You can choose not to receive such offers at any time. You can find detailed information about the right to refuse marketing communications at https://www.beuth.de/en/privacystatement
      Between Beuth Verlag and the Subscriber (hereafter “Licensee”), the following additional terms and conditions have been agreed upon with reference to ordering the product “Standards Ticker”:
    13. As part of the Standards Ticker service, the Licensee will receive online access to their own personal Standards Ticker subscription and will be able to independently add and remove documents to and from the subscription, as well as carry out orders.
    14. In accordance with the provisions of the subscription, the annual fee will be charged at the beginning of the calendar year. If the Licensee removes documents from their subscription shortly before an invoice is generated for the following year, so as to reduce the fee for the upcoming year, and if in the course of the following year the number of documents increases to reflect the original number and thus implicating a higher price for the subscription, then a corrected invoice will be generated in arrears.
    15. As soon as a subscription is cancelled, the right to use the online service of Standards Ticker automatically expires.
    16. If discrepancies arise between the Beuth Verlag database and the web application provided by Beuth Verlag and used by the Licensee (due to data transfer problems, time delays with requests, or other technical issues), the data available in the database of Beuth Verlag is to be taken as authoritative in terms of this additional agreement.
    17. As long as the Licensee adds documents to their subscription or can avail of these documents as a result of a network licence provided by the relevant technical rule publisher, they are obliged to pay the appropriate network licence fees.
    18. When accessing documents, the relevant terms and conditions of the respective technical rule publisher apply, which Beuth Verlag will supply to the Licensee.
    19. As long as the provisions of this additional agreement do not expand upon or alter the existing Standards Ticker subscription, the provisions of the agreement between Beuth Verlag and the Licensee will continue to apply unaltered.

    (Current as of July 2006)