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Standards-Ticker: FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

How does the Standards Ticker service work?
It's easy: You select the documents you wish the Standards Ticker team to monitor. You will then receive regular updates giving information on the status of these documents and on any superseding documents.
We can also help you choose which documents you need for your collection.

How does the update service work, exactly?
Once you have selected your standards we will regularly provide you with important bibliographic information on replacing documents, new editions and withdrawals of documents in your collection. This way you stay up-to-date.

Which technical rules can I have monitored by you?
All national and international standards and technical rules available via the Beuth webshop.

How can I edit my standards collection?
Using the "Your Standards Ticker" Beuth webshop tool you can view and edit the list of standards in your collection any time. You can also add and remove standards via the webshop.

What else does the Standards Ticker service offer?
Every six months we send you information about documents related to your collection, thus giving you an overview of technical rules which may be of interest to you.