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Information about the DIN certificate

Our certificate fingerprint comprises a sequence of numbers and letters. The authenticity of the PDF files signed by us can therefore be verified against the fingerprint without further technical support.

Name: CN=DIN Deutsches Institut fuer Normung e. V., O=Beuth Verlag GmbH, C=DE

Serial number: D5 5D DB C4 3A 51 BE D0 B8 20

Start of validity: 2014/02/10

End of validity: 2019/02/10

Fingerprint MD5
DB BD EF AA 1B A6 7A A7 97 68 AB DA A1 3E FB EE

Fingerprint SHA1
C0 4C 82 AA 0E BC 1E 39 4F 90 13 E7 61 DB 8B B5 6F 3B 1F C6