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Pre-standard 2004-08

DIN V 4034-1:2004-08
Prefabricated concrete manholes, unreinforced, steel fibre and reinforced for drains and sewers - Type 1 and Type 2 - Part 1: Requirements, test methods and evaluation of conformity

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Standard 2012-10

DIN 4034-10:2012-10
Prefabricated concrete manholes, unreinforced, steel fibre and reinforced - Part 10: Brick manhole bases for buried drains and sewers - Requirements and testing

The standard applies to brick manhole bases of enterable circular shafts for drains and sewers. For brick manhole bases with other cross-sectional shapes the standard shall be used analogously.

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Draft standard 2017-11

DIN 4034-101:2017-11 - Draft
Prefabricated concret manholes, unreinforced, steel fiber and reinforced - Part 101: Evaluation of conformity for drains and sewers in addition to DIN EN 1917:2003-04

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Standard 1980-07

DIN 4044:1980-07
Hydromechanics in water engineering; terms

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Standard 1983-09

DIN 4046:1983-09
Water-supply; terms; DVGW code of practice

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Standard 1988-11

DIN 4047-2:1988-11
Water engineering of agricultural lands; terms; flood protection, coastal protection, pumping stations

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Standard 1987-01

DIN 4048-1:1987-01
Water engineering; terms; dam plants

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Standard 1977-09

DIN 4054:1977-09
Correction of waterways; terms

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Standard 1975-11

DIN 4067:1975-11
Water; indicating labels, distribution pipes and pipelines

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Standard 2009-10

DIN 4262-1:2009-10
Pipes and fittings for subsoil drainage of trafficked areas and underground engineering - Part 1: Pipes, fittings and their joints made from PVC-U, PP and PE

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