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The "Materials" category contains titles involving all aspects of materials.

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    Product imageIron and steel: Quality standards 3/2
    230.00 EUR

    Pressure vessel and piping technology - Fine grain steel; Steels with low and elevated temperature properties; Steels for pressure vessels and pressure applications; Steel castings and forgings; Steel sheet and strip

    This 6th edition of DIN Handbook 403/2 contains 18 standards dealing with flat products, castings, forgings snd other steel products for pressure purposes.

    Product imageIron and steel: Quality standards 2
    232.00 EUR

    Structural steelwork, building and metalworking technology

    DIN Handbook 402 is a compilation of quality standards on iron and steel covering topics. 

    Standard of the Month March 2018

    DIN EN 10263-1:2018-02

    Product imageDIN EN 10263-1
    89.00 EUR

    Steel rod, bars and wire for cold heading and cold extrusion - Part 1: General technical delivery conditions; German version EN 10263-1:2017

    The DIN EN 10263 series has undergone major revision for the first time since 2002. One of the most important changes in DIN EN 10263, Part 1 is the revision of the general requirements, the quality management system and the form of delivery.

    Product imageIron and steel: Quality standards 5
    166.00 EUR

    Stainless and other high-alloy steels - Stainless steel; High-temperature and heat resisting steels; Valve materials; Resistance alloys; Welded and circular seamless steel tubes

    This 6th edition of DIN Handbook 405 contains 1 National Standard and 18 European and International Standards, including the revision of the DIN EN 10088 series of standards and four other revisions.

    Standard of the month May 2017

    DIN 51605:2016-01

    Product imageDIN 51605
    68.30 EUR

    Fuels for vegetable oil compatible combustion engines - Fuel from rapeseed oil - Requirements and test methods

    This standard DIN 51605:2016-01 specifies the properties of rapeseed oil to enable its trouble-free use in vegetable oil-compatible combustion engines and its compliance with the legal requirements on emissions.

    Standard of the month December 2016

    DIN EN 12164:2016-11

    Product imageDIN EN 12164
    103.00 EUR

    Copper and copper alloys - Rod for free machining purposes; German version EN 12164:2016

    DIN EN 12164:2016-11 is one of a series of European Standards for the copper and copper alloy products rod, wire, profile and forgings that have been updated simultaneously.

    Standard of the month November 2016

    DIN EN 485-2:2016-10

    Product imageDIN EN 485-2
    180.80 EUR

    Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheet, strip and plate - Part 2: Mechanical properties; German version EN 485-2:2016

    DIN 485-2:2016-10 – Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Sheet, strip and plate – Part 2: Mechanical properties contains a number of additions and corrections relating to the properties of wrought aluminium and wrought aluminium alloy sheet, strip and plate for general engineering applications.

    Product imageInternational Comparison of Steels
    168.00 EUR

    Deutsch / Englisch

    This English and German tabular comparison of steels covers materials from the most globally active regions in the sector.

    Product imageMaterial data sheets  Copper
    268.00 EUR

    Material data sheets Copper provide all relevant data for frequently used copper alloys, enabling the user to select the most suitable material for a specific purpose.

    Product imageIron and steel – Quality standards 3/1
    192.00 EUR

    Seamless and welded steel tubes for pressure applications

    The 6th edition of DIN Handbook 403/1 comprises the most important currently valid standards dealing with seamless and welded steel pipes for pressure applications.

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