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Standard [CURRENT] 2015-08

DIN EN 16474:2015-08
Plastics and rubber machines - Tyre curing presses - Safety requirements; German version EN 16474:2015

This European Standard defines relevant requirements set out in Annex I of EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, relating to machines which were placed on the European Economic Area (EEA) for the ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2006-02

DIN EN ISO 483:2006-02
Plastics - Small enclosures for conditioning and testing using aqueous solutions to maintain the humidity at a constant value (ISO 483:2005); German version EN ISO 483:2005

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Standard [CURRENT] 2016-07

DIN EN ISO 13802:2016-07
Plastics - Verification of pendulum impact-testing machines - Charpy, Izod and tensile impact-testing (ISO 13802:2015, Corrected version 2016-04-01); German version EN ISO 13802:2015

This International Standard specifies frequency and methods for the verification of pendulum impact testing machines used for the Charpy impact test, Izod impact test, and tensile impact test ...

Corrected document: Customers who purchased the previous document DIN EN ISO 13802:2015-11 received free of charge

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Standard [CURRENT] 2021-10

DIN EN ISO 20430:2021-10
Plastics and rubber machines - Injection moulding machines - Safety requirements (ISO 20430:2020); German version EN ISO 20430:2020

Corrected document: Customers who purchased the previous document DIN EN ISO 20430:2020-11 received free of charge

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Standard [CURRENT] 2023-08

DIN EN ISO 23582-1:2023-08
Plastics and rubber machines - Clamping systems - Part 1: Safety requirements for magnetic clamping systems (ISO 23582-1:2023); German version EN ISO 23582-1:2023

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Standard [CURRENT] 2005-09

DIN ISO 10072:2005-09
Tools for moulding - Sprue bushes - Dimensions (ISO 10072:2004)

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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-11

DIN ISO 28238:2012-11
Compression and injection moulds - Components for gating systems (ISO 28238:2010)

This standard specifies the terms and definitions of gating systems used in injection moulds for the processing of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers. These are gating systems ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 1976-01

VDI 2003:1976-01
Chip-forming machining of pastics
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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2007-05

VDMA 24470-1:2007-05
Maschinen zum Verarbeiten von Kunststoffen und Kautschuk - Fähigkeitsnachweis bei Spritzgießmaschinen - Teil 1: Qualitätsrelevante Parameter

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2002-09

VDMA 24470-2:2002-09
Maschinen zum Verarbeiten von Kunststoffen und Kautschuk - Fähigkeitsnachweis bei Spritzgießmaschinen - Teil 2: Nachweis der Kurzzeitfähigkeit

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Publication Beuth Praxis 2019-03

Flanges and Materials
Standards and Tables

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Publication Beuth Wissen 2018-11

Material data sheets Copper

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Standard [CURRENT] 2017-05

DIN 51457:2017-05
Testing of ceramic raw and basic materials - Direct determination of mass fractions of trace impurities in powders, granules and lumps of graphite by optical emission spectroscopy by inductively coupled plasma (ICP OES) and by electrothermal vaporization (ETV) under the action of a halogenated reaction gas (modifiers)

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