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Mechanical engineering

This category covers the field of mechanical engineering in all its facets (technical rules, specialist literature, online services and loose-leaf collections).

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    Standard of the month January 2017

    DIN 7500-2:2016-04

    Product imageDIN 7500-2
    33.60 EUR

    Thread rolling screws for ISO metric thread - Part 2: Guideline values for hole diameters

    Product imageCalculating measurement uncertainties
    64.00 EUR

    Basic principles and implementation

    Author Michael Krystek explains the principles of calculating measurement uncertainty in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner.

    Standard of the month September 2016

    DIN SPEC 33440:2013-05

    Product imageDIN SPEC 33440
    87.10 EUR

    Ergonomic design of user-interfaces and products for Smart Grid and Electromobility

    DIN SPEC 33440:2013-05 describes the fundamental ergonomic aspects and principles of human-system interaction.

    Standard of the month July 2016

    DIN SPEC 91345:2016-04

    Product imageDIN SPEC 91345
    0.00 EUR

    Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI4.0)

    This new DIN Specification describes a standard reference architecture model for Industry 4.0 called “RAMI4.0”. The 3-D layer model uses a sophisticated coordinate system to depict the complex interaction of crucial aspects of Industry 4.0. The first of its kind, this specification is available in English and German.

    DIN Handbook 140

    Fasteners 4

    Product imageFasteners 4
    198.00 EUR

    Basic and dimensional standards for nuts

    DIN Handbook 140 Fasteners 4 contains 65 English language versions of currently valid basic and dimensional standards for nuts.

    Beuth Practice

    NX Reference Sets

    Product imageNX Reference Sets
    26.00 EUR

    Understanding and use

    NX Reference-Sets sets a standard for working with the NX function Reference-Set. It explains how Reference-Sets can be generated and used. After explaining each major step, details of subsequent steps and easy-to-understand examples guide the user from the single part to complex and multi-level assembly.


    Below, we have listed the most popular German VDI standards at the Beuth web shop. Beuth provides digital access to the entire VDI standards collection. Use our search to find the standards you need.


    A selection of the most popular German AD 2000 standards (“Merkblatt”) in the Beuth web shop. Use our search to find any AD 2000 standard or code you need.

    Product imageEU Product Compliance, Safety and Liability
    68.00 EUR

    A Best Practice Guide for the Automotive Sector

    The book EU Product Compliance, Safety and Liability will be a best practice guide outlining the EU product liability and product safety framework with a focus on the automotive sector.


    This DIN Handbook series contains concise collections of all relevant standards on fasteners.

32 item(s) on 4 page(s) item(s) per page