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Standard [CURRENT] 2011-05

DIN EN 1560:2011-05
Founding - Designation system for cast iron - Material symbols and material numbers; German version EN 1560:2011

This standard specifies a material designation system, either by symbols or by numbers, for cast iron. The designation system by symbols is applicable to standardized cast iron materials or ...

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DIN EN 1561:2024-03
Founding - Grey cast irons; German version EN 1561:2023

And replaced by 2024-03 for: DIN EN 1561:2012-01 , DIN EN 1561:2020-12

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Draft standard 2020-12

DIN EN 1561:2020-12 - Draft
Founding - Grey cast irons; German and English version prEN 1561:2020

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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-01

DIN EN 1561:2012-01
Founding - Grey cast irons; German version EN 1561:2011

DIN EN 1561:2024-03

This European Standard specifies the properties of unalloyed and low-alloyed grey cast irons used for castings, which have been manufactured in sand moulds or in moulds with comparable thermal ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2019-06

DIN EN 1562:2019-06
Founding - Malleable cast irons; German version EN 1562:2019

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Standard [CURRENT] 2019-04

DIN EN 1563:2019-04
Founding - Spheroidal graphite cast irons; German version EN 1563:2018

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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-01

DIN EN 1564:2012-01
Founding - Ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast irons; German version EN 1564:2011

This European Standard specifies five grades of ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron by a classification based on mechanical properties measured on machined test pieces prepared from cast ...

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DIN EN 10001:1991-03
Definition and classification of pig-iron; german version of EN 10001:1990

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Standard [CURRENT] 2010-02

DIN EN 10349:2010-02
Steel castings - Austenitic manganese steel castings; German version EN 10349:2009

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Standard [CURRENT] 2011-05

DIN EN 12513:2011-05
Founding - Abrasion resistant cast irons; German version EN 12513:2011

This standard deals with the classification of specification of grades of abrasion resistant white cast irons. It specifies the grades in terms of: - chemical composition - hardness. The types of ...

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Publication Beuth Praxis 2019-03

Flanges and Materials
Standards and Tables

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Publication Beuth Wissen 2018-11

Material data sheets Copper

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Standard [CURRENT] 2017-05

DIN 51457:2017-05
Testing of ceramic raw and basic materials - Direct determination of mass fractions of trace impurities in powders, granules and lumps of graphite by optical emission spectroscopy by inductively coupled plasma (ICP OES) and by electrothermal vaporization (ETV) under the action of a halogenated reaction gas (modifiers)

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