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Standard 1989-02

DIN 5023:1989-02
Painting box with opaque colours

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Standard 2014-09

DIN 6162:2014-09
Determination of iodine colour number

This standard specifies a method for determining the colour strength of clear liquids such as solvents, plasticizers, resins, resin solutions, oils and fatty acids with a colour similar to the ...

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Standard 2018-10

DIN 6176:2018-10
Colorimetric determination of colour differences of object colours according to the DIN99o formula

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Standard 1988-05

DIN 7216:1988-05
Painter's spatulas

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Standard 1984-01

DIN 8318:1984-01
Radioluminescent deposits used for horological instruments; terms, requirements, testing

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Standard 1993-09

DIN 16513:1993-09
Pure toluene as solvent for gravure inks

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Standard 2012-06

DIN 16524-5:2012-06
Testing of prints and printing inks in graphic technology - Resistance to various physical and chemical influences - Part 5: Resistance to sterilization with autoclave

The document specifies a method for the determination of resistance to sterilization with autoclave. The samples for the test are subjected to specified sterilization conditions in the autoclave.

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Standard 2012-12

DIN 16526:2012-12
Printing inks for graphic technology - Labelling of properties of sheetfed offset inks

This standard defines how the properties of printing inks in a container are intended to be uniformly labelled in the specified order. The processing of the ink is facilitated by the printer. The ...

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Standard 1981-06

DIN 24375:1981-06
Surface treatment; flat-stream nozzles for airless spray guns; dimensions, testing, marking

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Draft standard 2017-05

DIN 33870-1:2017-05 - Draft
Office machines - Requirements and tests for the preparation of refilled toner modules for electrophotographical printers, copiers and facsimile machines - Part 1: Monochrome; with CD-ROM

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Publication Beuth Wissen 2018-11

Material data sheets Copper

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Standard 2017-05

DIN 51457:2017-05
Testing of ceramic raw and basic materials - Direct determination of mass fractions of trace impurities in powders, granules and lumps of graphite by optical emission spectroscopy by inductively coupled plasma (ICP OES) and by electrothermal vaporization (ETV) under the action of a halogenated reaction gas (modifiers)

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Publication DIN Handbook 403/2 2018-03

Iron and steel: Quality standards 3/2
Pressure vessel and piping technology - Fine grain steel; Steels with low and elevated temperature properties; Steels for pressure vessels and pressure applications; Steel castings and forgings; Steel sheet and strip

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